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  • [in sickbay, an injured Eluza comes to]

    Rumy: Eluza!

    Eluza: Rabby, I know what they're trying to do. I won't let them... I refuse...

    Rabby: Eluza, what do you mean?

    Pony: [bangs fist on control panel] There's nothing physically wrong, but her pulse and temperature are...

    [Eluza begins hyperventilating]

    Rumy: Eluza!

    Pony: I don't know what to do!

    Rabby: Catty, what happened to her?

    Catty: I don't know.

    Rabby: You don't know? You were with her, weren't you?

    Pony: [banging fists on control panel] What's wrong with her?

    Rumy: [wailing] Ezula! Eluza!

  • Erik: [Erik and Dexter were placed on an island, roasting hot dogs] This sucks.

    [His hot dog falls into the fire]

    Erik: Dammit! This isn't fair!

    Pony: What?

    Erik: I said THIS SUCKS!

    Pony: Ooh! "This sucks". "Gross, Man".

  • Erik: It's 9:00! When I gave you the money, you said we were going STRAIGHT to New Orleans!

    Angle: So you'll get there a couple days later, it's not gonna kill you.

    Erik: Shut up, ANGLE!

    Pony: Hey, YOU shut up, you little shit! Want me to swim over there and pound your ass?

  • Tim: Well, dad, she said she wanted to suck my cock.

    Pony: Oh. Uh-huh.

    Tim: She said you wanted to suck my cock, too.

    Pony: I think I gotta go.

    Tim: Don't go! You're not gonna suck my cock?

  • Pony: Oh man, I feel good. Whoo! I feel good 'cuz I'm hangin' out with you guys, man. You know? I mean, I forgot what it was like to just hang out! And you know why it's so good? See, because, see, you guys are real. No, man, I mean it! You guys have a sense of humor. You live your lives, you know? It's simple, you know? The guys on the road, I mean the band, all they talk about is scoring chicks. And Danny, all Danny talks about is money.

    Buff: Yeah, we're above all that.

  • Pony: If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?

    Jeff: Of course it does!

    Sooze: You know, that is my worst fear. Making a sound an no one hears it.

    Pony: Mine too.

    Jeff: W-w-wait a minute, wait a minute.

    Pony: You know what I'm saying.

    Sooze: Sure! You make art and you want people to see it.

    Buff: Wait. What happened to the tree?

  • Billie: Would you loan me one of your brassieres?

    Pony: What for?

    Billie: Well you see, I haven't got one and I thought seeing as it's Christmas and everything, and I'm going on a house party and, well, when the maid unpacks my bag and finds I haven't got one, how do you think I'm going to feel?

    Pony: It's like putting a saddle on a pekingese but here it is.

  • Virginia: Gee, Pony, Mac's a grand person.

    Pony: Well, he's gonna be awfully out of place among those Little Lord Fauntleroys they drag in here every Sunday. If you took all the hair off of their combined chests, you wouldn't have enough to make a wig for a grape.

  • Virginia: But if they have those rules, and we're on our honor, I...

    Pony: Honor? You're supposed to do exactly as you please in this old ladies home for nice young gals. Just don't get caught, that's all.

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