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  • Melinda: That's Carrot. He's always there and always on the lie.

    Carson: He seems to be a very self confident young man.

  • Melinda: Why do things that start off so promisingly always have a way of ending up in the dump?

    Ellis Moonsong: Not for everyone.

    Melinda: Well, for anybody with any imagination. You know, life is manageable enough if you keep your hopes modest. The minute you allow yourself sweet dreams you run the risk of them crashing down.

  • Melinda: Uh I've been having a bad time so I just took some sleeping pills.

    Hobie: Sleeping pills? How many?

    Melinda: Uh... twenty-eight.

    Susan: Oh my god, Hobie make some black coffee.

    Melinda: No, I'm allergic to coffee, but do you have any vodka?

  • Melinda: I'm an art historian... at least that's what I majored in at Brandeis.

  • Hobie: So, I have to ask you, how'd you go from living on the Upper East Side to St. Louis?

    Melinda: I moved there for him. He was gorgeous. He was talented, he was sexy, he was a doctor, he was charming...

    Hobie: Yes, but where's the attraction?

    Melinda: He just knew how to touch me.

    Hobie: You mean emotionally?

    Melinda: No, with his hands.

  • Melinda: [Melinda wants to fix Hobie up with someone] What does she do?

    Billy Wheeler: Investment counseling.

    Hobie: One of those business suits who makes love to you on a conference call.

  • Melinda: You're the piano player.

    Ellis Moonsong: Not any more. I'm on a break. A mysterious stranger has, uh, temporarily taken over, and I must say she plays beautifully. Hey, are your eyes misting over?

    Melinda: The song... it's meaningful to me. It was playing the night I met someone.

    Ellis Moonsong: So, are they tears of sorrow or tears of joy?

    Melinda: Well, aren't they the same tears?

    Ellis Moonsong: Yeah.

  • Melinda: I was just rubbing this lamp hoping to change my life.

    Ellis Moonsong: Well, I believe in magic. In the end I think it's the only thing that can save us.

  • Ellis Moonsong: What do you want?

    Melinda: I want to want to live.

  • Melinda: [Dejected, having doscovered her boyfriend has been sleeping with her best friend] I loved you.

    Ellis Moonsong: I don't have a satisfactory explanation. You know these things happen. Living is messy.

  • Melinda: Hi, Karl, I'm on my lunch break. I got you these flowers that were on sale, cause they're not fresh. $2.99, plus by 10% employee discount, since I didn't bring you anything on our date last night. Well, I just thought I'd bring them to you. I enjoyed walking with you. I got a blister the size of a quarter on my heel. Well, see you some time I guess.

    [Turns to leave]

    Karl: Blisters sure can hurt.

  • Vaughan Cunningham: Please don't tell anybody at the store that Albert was here. You know how this town is. Everybody spreads cruel rumors.

    Melinda: You mean about you and Albert being that way...? I think everybody at the store already knows about it. Maureen Ledbetter told the most awful story about why you ain't allowed at the First Baptist Church no more.

  • Vaughan Cunningham: Listen, everyone, I've had a few glasses of wine and that tends to make me emotional. It came over me in a rush. I just want you to know that I care about each and every person at this table.

    Linda: Thank you, Vaughan. We care about you too, don't we?

    MelindaFrankAlbert: Yes.

    Karl: Yes, Sir.

  • Linda Wheatley: Karl, you know what? Melinda here was voted employee of the month at the dollar store last February. Isn't that something?

    Karl: Yes ma'am, I reckon.

    Melinda: Well, when you like pricing items as much as I do, it's just bound to happen sooner or later, I guess.

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