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Jennie Quotes:

  • Lee: You sang beautifully just now.

    Jennie: I sing for him, and he isn't here.

    Lee: Jeffrey? You sing with such emotion about him. I feel like I know him. Thanks for sharing something so important.

    Jennie: I just wish he were here now.

    Lee: Wherever he may roam, you'll be in his thoughts, Jenny. The better part of him will always be here.

  • [Danny points a gun at Jeff]

    Lee: Don't move!

    Jennie: Who is it?

    Joe (Cantonese)/Jeffrey (English): It's Dumbo. He's come to say bon voyage.

  • Martin Falcon: [Martin walks into his house, drunken, to find a group of strangers] Oh great, I'm being robbed again, aren't I? Go Hamlet, kill, kill!

    Martin Falcon: [Martin realizes his guard dog is soothed by intruders] What have you done to my dog? You broke my dog!

    Daryle Shane: You have a lovely house sir.

    Martin Falcon: Thank you. What's, what's the number to the police?

    Nickie: 911.

    Mooch: Shhh! Don't tell him!

    Billy: [Martin dials] Wait! Before you do that, can you write right here, 'To Billie, I'll never forget last night... '

    Martin Falcon: [Puts down the phone] Was that you?

    Jennie: Excuse me sir, are you Martin Falcon?

    Martin Falcon: WHO ARE YOU PEOPLE?

  • [at the preppy pool party]

    Jennie: Where's the dip?

    Billy: All the dips are dancing

  • Jennie: 'Fear Eats The Soul,' there's more truth in that title than most whole films.

  • Jennie: What if you can't make yourself happy?

    The Taxi Driver: Then I don't know. You know what you do then you forget, you block it out... If you want to be happy don't think... if you stutter don't talk.

  • Jennie's Nurse: Jennie, you've tested positive for the HIV virus.

    Jennie: What?

    Jennie's Nurse: The test isn't one hundred percent accurate. You should...

    Jennie: I tested positive?

    Jennie's Nurse: I'm sorry.

    Jennie: But I only had sex with Telly.

    [the nurse is silent]

    Jennie: I just got tested to keep Ruby company.

  • Jennie: I'm not gonna die.

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