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Garrett Lawton Quotes:

  • Garrett Lawton: I make it a point to know a little bit about everything.

  • [Max and Diane are acting romantic toward each other]

    Garrett Lawton: Would the two of you like for me to be alone?

  • Garrett Lawton: In no way meaning to be offensive, I have always found steam baths to be... very boring.

  • [Lawton is wearing a bomb-coat]

    Garrett Lawton: I don't know if you know what this is, but when I take my thumb off this, it will explode that. And if you knew how much work it took for me to create this, then you might know how excited I am at the possibility that I might be able to use it.

  • Vicki: I like your style.

    Garrett Lawton: Of course you do, because I'm a ladykiller!

  • Garrett Lawton: You've been married six times? No wonder you're in pain!

  • Max Parrish: What are you gonna do? Shoot me for having been in love before?

    [Diane shoots him]

    Max Parrish: She shot me.

    Diane Norwood: Come on, I knew you had a vest on.

    Max Parrish: She shot me!

    Diane Norwood: Couldn't risk it. Come on, let's go.

    [Max shoots Diane]

    Garrett Lawton: No!

    Max Parrish: Hurts, huh? I knew you had a vest on too, psycho bitch!

    Diane Norwood: You asshole!

    Garrett Lawton: I hope the two of you never decide to have any children.

  • [Approaching with a shotgun]

    Garrett Lawton: The proctologist will see you now.

  • [Garrett hits a police car]

    Cop: Drinking?

    Garrett Lawton: If you're buying.

  • Max Parrish: You can't make me believe you're giving me up for... how much is her take?

    Thomas Livingston: 20 percent, let's say... 31 million.

    Max Parrish: Dollars?

    Thomas Livingston: Mmm-hmm.

    Garrett Lawton: Hey, so what's 31 million dollars? Max is what's priceless!

    Max Parrish: Can Max get a kiss goodbye?

  • [while Max and Diane are searching Garrett's hotel room, the phone rings]

    Garrett Lawton: Say, my watch must be fast. What time does the clock by the bed say?

    [Max looks at it]

    Max Parrish: Oh, shit!

    [He grabs Diane and jumps out through the window. Nothing happens]

    Max Parrish: [after a pause] Oh... sorry. I thought it was the old "distract you on the phone while the clock bomb gets you" trick.

  • Max Parrish: Where the hell were you?

    Garrett Lawton: I could find any toilet paper, so I soaked some newspaper in water and that worked fine.

  • Garrett Lawton: I make it my business to know a little bit about everything.

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