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Diane Norwood Quotes:

  • Diane Norwood: No way I can be in business with a guy who thinks he's Jesus.

  • Diane Norwood: Wait a minute! What if I can tell you a way to take all the money for yourself, scot free?

    Thomas Livingston: How dare you! I would NEVER sell out my clients, but talk fast, I'll listen.

  • Max Parrish: What are you gonna do? Shoot me for having been in love before?

    [Diane shoots him]

    Max Parrish: She shot me.

    Diane Norwood: Come on, I knew you had a vest on.

    Max Parrish: She shot me!

    Diane Norwood: Couldn't risk it. Come on, let's go.

    [Max shoots Diane]

    Garrett Lawton: No!

    Max Parrish: Hurts, huh? I knew you had a vest on too, psycho bitch!

    Diane Norwood: You asshole!

    Garrett Lawton: I hope the two of you never decide to have any children.

  • Diane Norwood: So, I guess we're finally even on that saving-your-life thing.

    Max Parrish: No. When you dropped the crate on him, you evened the score, when he tried to shoot you, I saved you again.

  • [Max and Diane, guns drawn, are about to storm into Garrett Lawton's hotel room]

    Max Parrish: Can I ask you something?

    Diane Norwood: What?

    Max Parrish: You almost married Krezinsky's son just to get him back into the country, right?

    Diane Norwood: Yeah, so?

    Max Parrish: Well, what if Krezinsky had had a daughter?

    Diane Norwood: Blond or brunette?


    Max Parrish: Oh, thank you. If I'm about to die, I want that to be the last image in my head.

  • [Diane punches Max]

    Max Parrish: Okay... okay, I can't hit you back.

    Diane Norwood: Why not?

    Max Parrish: Because I'm *way* too tough to go around punching women!

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