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  • [Staring at Lorelei and Dorothy]

    Evans: Say, suppose the ship hits an iceberg and sinks. Which one of them do you save from drowning?

    William J. Stevens: Those girls couldn't drown.

  • [Mr. Evans, a Confederate sympathizer, has Jack Bull and Jake as guests]

    Jack Bull: Are you saying, sir, that we fight for nothing?

    Evans: Far from it, Mr. Chiles. You fight for everything that we ever had... as did my son. It's just that... we don't have it anymore.

  • Evans: [finishing his haircut] There ya are, Dutchy, you're 21 again.

    Jake: I'm just now 19, Nort.

    Evans: Is that so.

  • [Lt. D'Agosta and his search team use dogs to search the underground tunnels to the museum]

    Lt. Vincent D'Agosta: We've gone off the map, Evans.

    Evans: This is the old coal tunnel.

    Bradley: Lieutenant!

    Lt. Vincent D'Agosta: Yeah?

    Bradley: That scent seems to be getting stronger.

    Det. Hollingsworth: What the hell is this?

    Evans: Electric trams hauled coal right into the basement from the old barges. It's how Chicago stayed warm.

    Lt. Vincent D'Agosta: How far does it go?

    Evans: This one goes all the way to Lake Michigan. At least that's what they say. No one really comes down here.

    Lt. Vincent D'Agosta: So let me ask you something, could somebody get off a ship docked at the lake and go through these tunnels all the way to the museum and not be seen?

    Evans: Sure.

    Bradley: Hey, we're moving now guys.

    Lt. Vincent D'Agosta: Let's go!

    [the group begins to run as the dogs snarl them forward, when they arrive to a tighter more pitch black tunnel]

    Lt. Vincent D'Agosta: What in God's name is that smell?

    Bradley: I don't like this.

    Lt. Vincent D'Agosta: Okay, we can do this.

  • Evans: Lolita, the Don's daughter, is of special interest to me. Is that clear?

    Tex: Well I-I gather you mean, uh, you don't want no one to cut your fences.

    Evans: You are very, very, comprehensive.

  • Evans: Do you know what I'm trying to say?

    Sutherland: No, sir. But I'll agree with you if it'll help, sir.

  • Evans: Perhaps I'd better withdraw my offer. I want this outfit, all right, but I don't want to buy a range war with it!

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