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Connie Marble Quotes:

  • Connie Marble: Oh, I love you Raymond. I love you more than anything in this whole world. I love you more than my own filthiness, more than my own hair color. Oh God, I love you more than the sound of bones breaking, the sound of death rattle - even more than the sound of my own shit do I love you, Raymond.

    Raymond Marble: And I, Connie, also love you more than anything that I could ever imagine: more than my hair color, more than the sound of babies crying, of dogs dying - even more than the thought of original sind itself. I am yours, Connie, eternally united through an invisible core of finely woven filth, that even God himself could never ever break.

  • Connie Marble: He's been... CASTRATED. His penis is GONE.

  • Connie Marble: We'll see who's the filthiest person alive! We'll just see!

  • Sandy Sandstone: Well why did you hold me up for so long? Why did you keep asking me to come back? I had another job I could have taken. How could I have gotten information about this Divine you talk of? I don't know her! You could have given me some lead as to how I could have gathered this data you wanted about her. You lead me to believe I had this job.

    Connie Marble: Well, Miss Sandstone, Miss uh... SANDY Sandstone, you just must have been wrong in your assumptions, weren't you? I mean, surely you've heard the expression 'don't count your chickens'? Well, APPLY IT! I never gave you a final answer on this whole thing, and as far as you believing that you had the job, well I've never even considered that you would be the applicant that we would choose. You don't know enough! I mean, I wish everyone was like you and had never heard of Divine, but unfortunately it just isn't like that. Now if you wouldn't mind, I have a busy day ahead of me, there's really nothing left to discuss.

    Sandy Sandstone: Well what am I supposed to do now, that's what I'd like to know.

    Connie Marble: You can eat shit as far as I'm concerned, Miss Sandstone, or eat anything you like, or do anything you like, just don't assume that I want to know your troubles. Now if you wouldn't mind, I'm a busy woman with a full day's work ahead of me. Please remove yourself from my office!

    Sandy Sandstone: You're a real CUNT, do you know that? A real fucking CUNT! How can you be so shitty to people? How can you STAND yourself?

    Connie Marble: I guess there's just two kinds of people, Miss Sandstone: MY kind of people, and assholes. It's rather obvious which category you fit into. Have a nice day.

    Sandy Sandstone: [flipping her the middle finger with both hands] Eat the bird, bitch!

  • Raymond Marble: [Connie falls off a couch] Connie! Connie, are you alright?

    Connie Marble: What happened, Raymond? What happened?

    Raymond Marble: The couch, it... it rejected you!

    Connie Marble: Something's wrong, Raymond! Something's terribly wrong!

  • Connie Marble: Fire, fire, burn it down! Fire, fire, to the ground!

  • Connie Marble: Hello, Cookie! I do hope you're hungry.

    Cookie: I could go for a sandwich. Mmm, baloney!

  • Connie Marble: Nothing but these fucking jerk-off hippies on the road today. Oh, where are their little pig girlfriends! God, I just get so tired, driving around - driving around.

    Channing: Here's one up ahead

    Connie Marble: PULL OVER!

    Raymond Marble: Ooh, yeah she looks real good

    Connie Marble: and she'll do just fine

    Linda: thanks

    [getting in car]

    Linda: Hi, wow, where'd you get this beautiful car?

    Raymond Marble: At a car dealer, where did you think?

    Connie Marble: Where are you going?

    Linda: Oh, just downtown, anywhere near Howard Street

    Connie Marble: Oh, meeting someone?

    Linda: Yeah

    Connie Marble: WHO?

    Linda: My boyfriend and a couple of other guys, why?

    Raymond Marble: Going to a gang bang or something?

    Linda: What! Hey, what's with you two?

    Connie Marble: We just wondered where you were planning to spread your V.D. today, that's all, hussy!

    Linda: I don't think THAT'S necessary...

    Connie Marble: Oh you don't, huh? Well, how'd you like to fuck my chauffer? He's got a real horse dick on him!

    Channing: [offended] HEY, Connie.

    Linda: Hey let me out right here, this is fine...

    Raymond Marble: This isn't downtown!

    Connie Marble: We're nowhere NEAR downtown, what's the matter, you afraid it ain't BIG ENOUGH for ya?

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