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  • [a dead body is in the basement where Suzie is chained]

    Suzie: When are you gonna get her out of here?

    Channing: Come on, Little Noodles, you just found a new home!

    Suzie: Oh that's real nice! Poor fucking Alice dies giving birth, you can't even bother to move the body, and now the bitch has sold the kid! Poor baby! And YOU, you little suckling, can't even get me my tranquilizers! You shithead, where are my pills? That bitch can afford it! She's got at least another couple grand coming from THIS one, can't she at least give me my fucking pills?

    Channing: I said don't talk to me when I come down here.

    Suzie: I don't give a fuck what you said, you fucking pig, get this body OUT of here it's making me SICK! When will they get another one, what poor girl will they get next? I KNOW they'll get another one, just like when I came here I replaced somebody, didn't I? You fucking little dingleberry! That's what you're like, you fucking ball of shit!

    Channing: SHUT UP, I said SHUT UP don't talk to me when I come down here!

  • Connie Marble: Nothing but these fucking jerk-off hippies on the road today. Oh, where are their little pig girlfriends! God, I just get so tired, driving around - driving around.

    Channing: Here's one up ahead

    Connie Marble: PULL OVER!

    Raymond Marble: Ooh, yeah she looks real good

    Connie Marble: and she'll do just fine

    Linda: thanks

    [getting in car]

    Linda: Hi, wow, where'd you get this beautiful car?

    Raymond Marble: At a car dealer, where did you think?

    Connie Marble: Where are you going?

    Linda: Oh, just downtown, anywhere near Howard Street

    Connie Marble: Oh, meeting someone?

    Linda: Yeah

    Connie Marble: WHO?

    Linda: My boyfriend and a couple of other guys, why?

    Raymond Marble: Going to a gang bang or something?

    Linda: What! Hey, what's with you two?

    Connie Marble: We just wondered where you were planning to spread your V.D. today, that's all, hussy!

    Linda: I don't think THAT'S necessary...

    Connie Marble: Oh you don't, huh? Well, how'd you like to fuck my chauffer? He's got a real horse dick on him!

    Channing: [offended] HEY, Connie.

    Linda: Hey let me out right here, this is fine...

    Raymond Marble: This isn't downtown!

    Connie Marble: We're nowhere NEAR downtown, what's the matter, you afraid it ain't BIG ENOUGH for ya?

  • Channing: [after being caught in drag by the Marbles] It was just playing!

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