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  • Nat Curzan from "The Tattler": And Cotton... I notice a smile on your lips. Does murder make you happy?

    Cotton: Murder merely relieves tension, Mr. Curzan. For murder to bring happiness, one must already be happy and I am- completely at peace with myself, totally happy.

  • Cotton: Let's move to Boise, I always wanted to go there!

    Babs Johnson: Boise, Cotton? Why, that might not be a bad place!

    Crackers: Were you ever there?

    Cotton: Only once, we robbed a transit bus there, remember?

    Babs Johnson: I remember, the number 42!

  • Crackers: A turd, Mama, a turd!

    Cotton: Who could've sent this?

    Miss Edie: Ahhh. A turd? Oh, a turd! Oh, Babs!

    Babs Johnson: This is a direct attack on my divinity!

  • Babs Johnson: I'll have to change my appearance. I think I'll dye my hair another color and start dressing like a dyke.

    Cotton: Me too! I'll get a crew cut.

  • Cotton: [Babs serves her family a steak she has shoplifted from the market by concealing under her dress between her legs] Mmmm, Babs, smells delicious!

    Babs Johnson: Thanks, Cotton, it should. I warmed it up downtown today, in my own little oven.

  • Cotton: [First lines]

    [In his dream, his mother is pointing a hunting rifle at him; he screams:]

    Cotton: MOM!

    [she fires]

  • Cotton: I'm almost sixteen; try gooping that over. In one year, I'll be seventeen. You know what I'm gonna do on my seventeenth birthday?

    Cotton's Mother: [turns away from him back to her vanity table mirror] I'm listening.

    Cotton: Join the Marines. You can, you know, if your parents sign the papers. Dad will.

    Cotton's Mother: [making up her face] And I won't, of course.

    Cotton: And you *will*, of course! Because if you don't, you know what I';m gonna do? I'm gonna make a big sign and march up and down in front of the Bay Yacht Club.

    [she freezes]

    Cotton: "My mother's over forty-two years old," it'll say.

    Cotton's Mother: [she stares at him in the mirror, then slowly and viciously:] I'll kill you.

    [Cotton pretends to fire a rifle at her]

  • Cotton: I don't know about homicide, but you've definitely got me for raising my voice in a public library.

  • Cotton: [to Gale] Jeeze Gale, you've got more lives than a cat.

  • [Sidney, Gale and Cotton look at the body of Mrs. Loomis, after being shot down by Cotton]

    Gale: Is she dead?

    Sydney: I don't know. They always come back.

    [as if to confirm what Sidney just said, Mickey leaps to his feet screaming, despite his injuries. Gale and Sidney turn to him and spray him with bullets. Mickey is knocked backwards and collapses, dead]

    Cotton: Woah!

    [Sidney approaches the body of Mrs. Loomis and shoots at her forehead. The body twitches a bit, then is still again. Gale and Cotton stare at Sidney, shocked]

    Sydney: [shrugs] Just in case.

    [Sidney drop the gun and walks away]

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