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Commissioner Leonardo Tanzi Quotes:

  • Commissioner Leonardo Tanzi: [Last lines] Freeze!

    Vincenzo Moretto, 'Il gobbo': Sorry if I'm interrupting you, copper! Let's go back tot he old ways, huh?

    [Holds up a 9mm bullet]

    Vincenzo Moretto, 'Il gobbo': Come on, be a good man. Remember this? I crapped it out for you?

    Commissioner Leonardo Tanzi: Yeah, go on . Kill me. You and Ferrender are done for. This place is surrounded.

    Vincenzo Moretto, 'Il gobbo': You heard him? He's still talking about Ferrender. You bloody fool! I killed him 3 months ago, arsehole! Who do you think it was at the morgue?

    [Kicks Tanzi]

    Vincenzo Moretto, 'Il gobbo': Who the fuck do you think it was?

    Commissioner Caputo: Stop! Drop the gun. Drop it!

    [Moretto does so]

    Commissioner Caputo: Turn around.

    [He does so]

    Commissioner Caputo: There are no suicide attempts this time, because I'll kill you myself. Like a wild dog.

    Commissioner Leonardo Tanzi: No, Caputo! You can't!

    Commissioner Caputo: [sighs] OK.

    [Proceeds to handcuff Moretto]

    Commissioner Leonardo Tanzi: [Caputo is shot] Caputo! NO!

    [He takes Caputo's gun, and goes after Moretto, who is escaping, and corners him in a dead end, and yells loudly]

    Commissioner Leonardo Tanzi: FREEZE!

    [Shoots him several times, killing him, and Moretto falls to the floor, firing one round from his handgun, and dies]

  • Commissioner Leonardo Tanzi: [Holds up a football score card] Is it yours?

    Stefano: No, it's your sister's.

    Commissioner Leonardo Tanzi: [Beating him up] I'll make you forget women for the rest of your life, damn it! You fucking stupid son of a bitch! I'd like to see you do it again, you know!

  • Commissioner Leonardo Tanzi: You got a match?

    [Punches Tony]

    Tony Parenzo: [Grunts] Ow!

    Commissioner Leonardo Tanzi: Get in the car.

    Commissioner Leonardo Tanzi: [after arriving in the middle of a motorway, they stop] Don't fuck about! Get out!

    Tony Parenzo: I'm not in this! She injected herself!

    Commissioner Leonardo Tanzi: You fucking scumbag! You killed her! You showed

    [Close to yelling]

    Commissioner Leonardo Tanzi: NO PITY FOR HER!

    [Produces his Beretta M9 9mm and pulls the slide back and forth to chamber the clip and is ready to kill Tony]

    Tony Parenzo: Stop! If you save me I'll tell you something about Ferrender.

    Tony Parenzo: [Tanzi lowers his pistol] OK. You don't know this, but Ferrender...

    [is shot and killed from nowhere and falls to the floor dead]

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