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Bill Burns Quotes:

  • Nicholas 'Nick' Charles: The fact that the boy's dead doesn't seem to have made very much of an impression on you.

    Bill Burns: Why should it? Death hasn't endowed him with any new virtues, has it?

    Nicholas 'Nick' Charles: That's a little brutal, but honest. Do you, eh... You know of anyone who might have had cause to kill him?

    Bill Burns: The way he was cutting throats at the plant, it might have been a number of people.

    Nicholas 'Nick' Charles: What about you?

    Bill Burns: Mr. Charles, when you've got anything on me, you can serve your papers. But until that time, I figure my time is my own.

  • [Hap Felsch has run into the outfield wall to make a catch]

    Billy Maharg: He's gonna knock his brains out doin' that!

    Bill Burns: What brains? Shoeless Joe is ignorant; Hap Felsch is just dumb.

  • [Burns and Maharg are discussing Eddie Cicotte]

    Bill Burns: Eddie's gettin' too old for this. I know what it's like. You walk out there with your arm hangin.

    Billy Maharg: You couldn't pitch when you was young, Burnsie.

    Bill Burns: Eddie's the key. If we don't get him, we can forget about it.

  • Billy Maharg: [while scouting potential players for the fix] Eddie Collins?

    Bill Burns: Nah. Collins is the only one on the club getting paid what he's worth. Had it in his contract when he got traded.

    Billy Maharg: What about Chick Gandil?

    [Gandil fouls a pitch back]

    Bill Burns: He might do business. Chickie's a sport.

    Billy Maharg: Buck Weaver?

    Bill Burns: Bucky's one of the boys, but the thing about Bucky is he don't like to lose.

    [Weaver grounds out and kicks the ground in disgust]

    Bill Burns: Can't stand to lose. Put him on the "maybe" list.

    Billy Maharg: What about Ray Schalk?

    Bill Burns: Not a prayer.

  • [Burns and Maharg approach Abe Attell at the racetrack]

    Abe Atell: They don't take nickle bets down here, fellas.

    [to Burns]

    Abe Atell: You, you were a ball player.

    Bill Burns: Bill Burns.

    Abe Atell: 'Sleepy' Bill Burns! Strictly bench material.

    Bill Burns: I won a few games.

    Abe Atell: You lost a few more.

    [to Maharg]

    Abe Atell: And you my friend did not get that nose bobbing for apples.

    Billy Maharg: I was a fighter; sort of.

    Abe Atell: Sort of. Let's see... Philly? Billy Maharg!

    Billy Maharg: You seen me fight?

    Abe Atell: Yeah, I seen you. You're a bum!

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