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Billie Dawn Quotes:

  • Harry Brock: Shut up! You ain't gonna be tellin' nobody nothin' pretty soon!

    Billie Dawn: DOUBLE NEGATIVE! Right?

    Paul Verrall: Right.

  • Harry Brock: What's a peninsula?

    Billie Dawn: Shhhh.

    Harry Brock: Don't gimme that "shush." You think you're so smart, huh - what's a peninsula?

    Paul Verrall: It's a...

    Harry Brock: Not you, her.

    Billie Dawn: It's that new medicine...

  • Billie Dawn: How about the story of your life?

    Paul Verrall: Oh no. Much too long... and mostly untrue.

  • Billie Dawn: He always used to say, "Never do nothing you wouldn't want printed on the front page of The New York Times."

  • Harry Brock: Alright, let's get down to it... what'll ya take, Paul?

    Paul Verral: I'll take a drink, please, if I may.

    Harry Brock: Don't get fancy with me! I ain't met a guy yet didn't have his price.

    Paul Verral: I have.

    Harry Brock: I'm talkin' about big numbers!

    Billie Dawn: You an' your big numbers, you don' watch out, you'll be wearing one across yer chest!

  • Billie Dawn: This country and its institutions belong to the people who inhibit it.

    Paul Verrall: inHABit.

    Billie Dawn: InHABit it.

  • Billie Dawn: You could have saved yourself the trouble. I don't read papers.

    Paul Verrall: Never?

    Billie Dawn: Yeah, once in a while the back part... the funnies.

    Paul Verrall: Oh, I think you should. The, the front part... the not-so-funnies.

  • Billie Dawn: You're just not couth!

    Harry Brock: Yeah? Well, I'm as couth as you are!

    Billie Dawn: [with a sneer] Hmmmm...

  • Paul Verrall: Nobody's born smart, Billie. Do you know what the stupidest thing on Earth is? An infant!

    Billie Dawn: Whadaya got against babies all of a sudden?

  • Billie Dawn: One night I brought home a hundred dollars and gave it to him. You know what he did?... Well, it sure didn't do the plumbing no good.

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