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Harry Brock Quotes:

  • Harry Brock: Shut up! You ain't gonna be tellin' nobody nothin' pretty soon!

    Billie Dawn: DOUBLE NEGATIVE! Right?

    Paul Verrall: Right.

  • Harry Brock: What's a peninsula?

    Billie Dawn: Shhhh.

    Harry Brock: Don't gimme that "shush." You think you're so smart, huh - what's a peninsula?

    Paul Verrall: It's a...

    Harry Brock: Not you, her.

    Billie Dawn: It's that new medicine...

  • Billie: Would you do me a favor, Harry?

    Harry Brock: What?

    Billie: Drop dead!

  • Harry Brock: Don't you feel good? You want a aspirin?

    Jim Devery: No, no, I'm fine. In fact, considering I've been dead for sixteen years I'm in remarkable health.

  • Harry Brock: Alright, let's get down to it... what'll ya take, Paul?

    Paul Verral: I'll take a drink, please, if I may.

    Harry Brock: Don't get fancy with me! I ain't met a guy yet didn't have his price.

    Paul Verral: I have.

    Harry Brock: I'm talkin' about big numbers!

    Billie Dawn: You an' your big numbers, you don' watch out, you'll be wearing one across yer chest!

  • Harry Brock: How d'ya like that! He could've had a hundred grand. She could've had me. Both wind up with nothin'... Dumb chump!... Crazy broad!

    Jim Devery: [raises a glass as a toast] To all the dumb chumps and all the crazy broads, past, present, and future, who thirst for knowledge and search for truth... who fight for justice and civilize each other... and make it so tough for crooks like you...

    [Harry stares at him angrily]

    Jim Devery: ...*and* me.

  • Billie Dawn: You're just not couth!

    Harry Brock: Yeah? Well, I'm as couth as you are!

    Billie Dawn: [with a sneer] Hmmmm...


    Jim Devery: A revolution.

  • Jim Devery: Anyway you've been engaged for seven years, I've never understood why you waited this long.

    Harry Brock: I didn't wanna to be rushed. Look, this way I give her somethin', I'm a swell fella. We get married, she's got it coming, she thinks.

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