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Biederbeck Quotes:

  • Biederbeck: What kind of fiend are you?

    Phibes: The kind that wins, my friend.

  • Biederbeck: I gave specific orders that no expeditions were to occur without my leadership.

    Baker: Is this your mountain, sir?

    Biederbeck: I regard it as such.

    Baker: Are we to take that literally, sir?

    Biederbeck: You can take it any way you see fit.

  • Dr. Phibes: I too have searched, Beiderbeck, but not for myself. For my Victoria. I offer you the same goal, the life of your beloved. But hurry. When the bough breaks, my friend...

    Biederbeck: It could be a trick. Why should I trust you of all people?

    Dr. Phibes: Not me. The ancient artisans who built these chambers. When the gates are unlocked, the water from Diana's pool will drain out and she will be free. Save her! Don't be a fool. Soon it will be too late.

    Biederbeck: For whom?

    Dr. Phibes: For us all, especially Diana. Every second brings her closer to a terrible death. Can you pay that price, Beiderbeck? The key!

    Biederbeck: The devil take you, Phibes.

  • Biederbeck: If ever a man deserved to die it's you.

  • Biederbeck: You're in the desert, my dear. You're not taking tea in Mayfair.

    Diana: I am aware of that. I've drunk plenty of tea in Mayfair without finding dead bodies at my feet.

  • [finding a corpse]

    Biederbeck: Hackett!

    Waverley: He has nothing to say, sir.

  • Dr. Phibes: It is a pity in a way. We have so much in common.

    Biederbeck: You flatter yourself.

    Dr. Phibes: I think not. For years I have had one terrible obsession - to find the river of life once used by the pharaohs of Egypt. It lies beyond those gates, a river that gives new life, again and again and again.

    Biederbeck: Why do you think I came here?

    Dr. Phibes: You have all the life you need.

    Biederbeck: No more, Phibes. The elixir that gave my life for a hundred years is gone. It has suspended time and age, but no more.

    Dr. Phibes: How long? How many years?

    Biederbeck: Too long to remember. Too long to throw it all away now!

  • Biederbeck: Phibes! I beg of you, let me come with you! Phibes, for once have mercy!

  • Biederbeck: Phibes!

    Dr. Phibes: So, at last we meet, Beiderbeck.

    Biederbeck: Where's Diana?

    Dr. Phibes: Waiting, as we all must wait.

  • Biederbeck: So that's it. The key.

    Dr. Anton Phibes: My key.

    Biederbeck: No. For years I've searched. The temple of Abiskis, the river of life. It's mine, Phibes.

    Dr. Anton Phibes: Then your beloved will die. For only the key will save her now.

    Biederbeck: You lie. The key controls the gates, nothing more.

    Dr. Anton Phibes: The key controls the gates and much more: the life of your Diana. And you have only three minutes to use it. Now, save your Diana.

  • Trout: But you haven't got a chance!

    Waverly: He'll chop you down like the rest of them!

    Biederbeck: I'm not like the rest of them! Phibes may put the fear of God in you, but not me. Now stay out of my way!

  • Trout: Phibes has finally failed, eh?

    Biederbeck: No, he's won!

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