Apu Quotes in The Simpsons Movie (2007)


Apu Quotes:

  • Montgomery Burns: So, you want some of my electricity, do you? Well, for once, the rich, white man is in control. I have two buttons behind my desk. One will provide your town with power, the other releases the hounds. Reach me. Make me your brother.

    Dr. Hibbert: The hospital's generator is about to give out. Lives will be lost.

    Montgomery Burns: [writing down] Lives... lost. Go on.

    Chief Wiggum: We have a convict we're gonna fry tomorrow, but now we can't.

    Montgomery Burns: Tempting, tempting...

    Apu: Look, all of our reasons mean nothing. Just look inside your heart and you will find the answer.

    [Smithers waves frantically and shakes his head no; cut to outside of mansion as screaming and barking is heard inside]

    Apu: Aaah!

    Montgomery Burns: First door on the right.

    Apu: Thank you.

    Dr. HibbertChief WiggumApu: [as they run out chased by dogs] Aaah!

  • Durga: Come close.

    Apu: What?

    Durga: We'll go see the train when I'm better, all right? We'll get there early and have a good look. You want to?

  • Apu: Didi, have you ever seen a train?

    Durga: Sure.

    Sarbojaya Ray: Don't lie.

    Apu: You know where the tracks are? Where?

    Durga: Past the big meadow and beyond the rice fields.

    Apu: Shall we go one day?

  • Sarbojaya Ray: What is there at Keoratola?

    Apu: [sleepily] Burning hot...

    Sarbojaya Ray: What?

    Apu: They have cremations.

    Sarbojaya Ray: I see... I hope you're careful on the roads. When are your finals? After that you can get a job and I'll stay with you. Will you have me? Will that ever be, I wonder? Who knows how long one has to live? Suppose I fall seriously ill... I'm not so well as I used to be. In the evenings I'm often feverish, I've no appetite. I thought of telling you... but I couldn't. I don't suppose you'd leave college to look after me, would you? Would you use your earnings to pay for me to have treatment? Why don't you answer me... Apu!

  • Inspector: Let's hear you read.

    Apu: The Land of Bengal. Where is the greenest land of all - where the tender grass your feet must fall? Where the grain sways on sunny afternoons and the blushing lotus blooms? It is our very own Bengal, the greenest land of all. Where do thrush and robin sing? Where do fork-tailed drongos swing and where do elegant swans swim? Where do weaverbirds nest again and the swallows cry for rain? In our very own Bengal, the greenest land of all. In what land do they speak a tongue that fills your soul with yearning? Where do you hear the clear tones of a baul whose heart is singing?

  • Apu: Look what the headmaster gave me.

    Sarbojaya Ray: What is it?

    Apu: It's called a globe. It's the Earth. These lines are countries and the blue is ocean. You know where Calcutta is?

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