Ned Flanders Quotes in The Simpsons Movie (2007)


Ned Flanders Quotes:

  • Ned Flanders: Ok, boys, when you meet Jesus, be sure to call Him Mr. Christ.

    Todd Flanders: Will Buddha be there?

    Ned Flanders: No.

  • Bart Simpson: You know, we are on the roof. We could have some fun.

    Homer Simpson: What kind of fun?

    Bart Simpson: How bout a dare contest?

    Homer Simpson: That sounds fun. I dare you to... climb the T.V. antennae.

    Bart Simpson: [Bart climbs it easily] Piece of cake.

    Homer Simpson: [starts shaking the antennae] Earthquake!

    [Bart falls off and hangs onto the railing]

    Homer Simpson: [starts shaking the railing] Aftershock!

    Ned Flanders: Uh, Homer, I don't mean to be a nervis-pervis or anything, but if he falls, couldn't that make your boy a parapleg-a-rino?

    Homer Simpson: Shut up, Flanders!

    Bart Simpson: Yeah, shut up, Flanders!

    Homer Simpson: Well said, boy.

  • Ned Flanders: Thank you, Lord, for this bountiful...

    Ned Flanders: [screams]

    Ned Flanders: PENIS!

    Rod FlandersTodd Flanders: [devoutly] ... bountiful penis.

    Todd Flanders: Amen.

  • Ned Flanders: The Good Lord is telling me to confess to something...

    Homer Simpson: [whispering hopefully, with his fingers crossed] Gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay...

  • Ned Flanders: Bart! Crawl across. Hurry.

    Bart Simpson: But if they see you helping us, they'll kill you.

    Ned Flanders: I'm sure your father would do the same for...

    [Bart just stares at him]

    Ned Flanders: Point taken. Now, hustle your bustles.

  • Ned Flanders: Look at that, you can see the four states that border Springfield: Ohio, Nevada, Maine, and Kentucky!

    Bart Simpson: Oh yeah.

  • Todd Flanders: I wish Homer was my father.

    Ned Flanders: ...and I wish you didn't have the devil's curly hair.

  • Ned Flanders: [surprised by the pink mutated multi-eyed squirrel] Well, this certainly seems odd, but, heh, who am I to question the work of the Almighty? Oh, we thank you Lord for this mighty fine intelligent design! Good job!

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