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Agent Sokolov Quotes:

  • Dyadya Misha: [runs from restaurant] Don't go there! Don't go there! There... There's mafia!

    Agent Sokolov: Stop, stop. Be calm, dude. Who's mafia? Who's mafia!

    Dyadya Misha: They all are mafia! They all up to one mafia!

    Agent Sokolov: Listen to me...

    Dyadya Misha: There's their own place!

    Agent Sokolov: Dude, be more silently and calmer. Do you know somebody to face?

    Dyadya Misha: I know they all! I know they all up to one! All the bandits and all the parasits.

    Agent Sokolov: So, do you know Artist?

    Dyadya Misha: They all are artists! Try how they dilute this!

    [drinks vodka from a bottle]

    Dyadya Misha: It is diluted!

    [drinks vodka from a bottle]

    Dyadya Misha: It is nasty diluted! Look, I understand when we have diluted beer in Odessa but why I come to the liberty country? For have there diluted vodka? Oh, my god! Look... look, can I know your face, can't I?

    Agent Sokolov: No, it can't be. What is your name?

    Dyadya Misha: My name is dyadya Misha. I'm very known and very respectable man there. Call me "dyadya Misha".

    Kravchuk: Dyadya Misha!

    Dyadya Misha: Oh! Oh!

    Kravchuk: Dyadya Misha!

    Dyadya Misha: I told you: I'm very known and very respectable man.

    Kravchuk: [throws dyadya Misha's jacket to the ground] Ha-ha!

    [goes to restaurant]

    Dyadya Misha: He's idiot!

    [drinks vodka from a bottle]

    Agent Sokolov: [takes dyadya Misha's jacket] Let's go to restaurant? We will sit and talk there. I shall look around and be close.

  • Kravchuk: Hey, you, soloist! Now you'll have a duet!

    Dyadya Misha: [falls to the room] Oh, my head!

    Agent Sokolov: Dyadya Misha? Dyadya Misha!

    Dyadya Misha: Oh, he knocked me!

    Agent Sokolov: [takes dyadya Misha] Dyadya Misha! Why you're there?

    Dyadya Misha: [crying] Because of Sheikh! Think, who I am and who're Sheikh! But they said, you're friend of this Fedya, you shouted it at restaurant! Oh, why I shouted it!... Look, we are friends?

    Agent Sokolov: Yes, we are.

    Dyadya Misha: They said: if you are friends, you must know where is Sheikh too! But I don't know anything! Do you know, where's Sheikh?

    Agent Sokolov: Yes, I know...

    Dyadya Misha: I beg you: tell them where's that damn Sheikh, or they'll kill us!

    Agent Sokolov: I am ready to this...

    Dyadya Misha: But I'm don't ready!

    Agent Sokolov: I hope, they will not have enough meanness for kill you.

    Dyadya Misha: Don't hope! They grasped Masha!

    Agent Sokolov: What? They grasped Masha?

    Dyadya Misha: Yes, yes, yes, yes. They torment her already.

    Agent Sokolov: Bastards!

    [runs to door and knocks it]

    Agent Sokolov: Vermins! Cattles! Open the door!

    Kravchuk: [comes to the room] What?

    Agent Sokolov: Tell the Artist: I'll give Sheikh to him.

    Kravchuk: Artist!


    Kravchuk: Fedya want tell you: he'll give Sheikh to you!

    Dyadya Misha: You're idiot! You're moron! You're degenerate! Son of bitch!

    Agent Sokolov: [grins] You speak like a tramp, Artist.

    Dyadya Misha: Yes! I'm Artist! I came here not for damn ham and damn jeans! I came here for beautiful art!

    [changes to the Artist]

    Artist: What roles I have in Odessa because of these damn, untalented directors? "Let's eat"? But here... Oh, here I created my own theatre! Here my talent can create kings and madmen, geniuses and villains!

    Agent Sokolov: Yeah, your best roles is villains! Bravo!


    Agent Sokolov: Take this present from grateful spectators!

    [beats Artist's face]

  • Mafiosi-servant: Good day, Mr. Sokolov. Let's go to the cabinet. They're waiting for you.

    Agent Sokolov: Yeah...

    Mafiosi-servant: [comes to Tsuladze's cabinet with agent Sokolov] It's here, agent Sokolov.

    Tsuladze: A-ah, dear! We wait you for a long time, for a long time! Come to me, dear!

    Mafiosi-servant: [speaks to secret microfone] Artist, agent came to our place.

    [leaves cabinet]

    Tsuladze: Please, sit. Be treated by this little glass...

    Agent Sokolov: But with great feeling? I was called there for this?

    Tsuladze: So, why you're called? You're invited! It's for sitting, for talking. For playing a less. Cards is very good game! Here it is.

    [shows on player sitting near]

    Agent Sokolov: He is talented.

    Tsuladze: No, game depends not of talent, it depends exclusively from luck. And I feel inside my mind, you'll certainly be lucky for 100 thousands today!

    Agent Sokolov: [laughs] Can I be lucky for 150?

    Tsuladze: You can be lucky for 200 thousands too! If you'll go to your dear mother today.

    Agent Sokolov: This is full contract?

    Tsuladze: Why it's full contract? Maybe you'll be lucky for 300 thousands!

    Agent Sokolov: [laughs] OK. But I'll talk only with Artist.

    Tsuladze: What's the Artist? What's the Artist, dear?

    Agent Sokolov: Enouch, don't play the fool. I want to see Artist! Personally!

    Tsuladze: Don't get angry, don't get angry! Don't get angry, dear! Everyone want to see him personally but no one have seen him yet. So, 300 thousands and airway ticket! OK, dear?

    Agent Sokolov: No, "dear"!

    Tsuladze: Why, dear?

    Agent Sokolov: I can't go away without my "goodbye" for Artist. It's roughly, understand? Dear!

    [goes to doors but stopped by security]

    Tsuladze: Nobody leaves our casino so simple.

    Colonel Petrenko: [in Sokolov's flashback] Remember, son: the main thing in this work - sleight of hand and no fraud.

    [gets card from shoulder strap]

    Colonel Petrenko: Ace is ace even in Africa.

    Agent Sokolov: Your casino?


    Agent Sokolov: It was your - but it'll be our.

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