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Kravchuk Quotes:

  • Dyadya Misha: [runs from restaurant] Don't go there! Don't go there! There... There's mafia!

    Agent Sokolov: Stop, stop. Be calm, dude. Who's mafia? Who's mafia!

    Dyadya Misha: They all are mafia! They all up to one mafia!

    Agent Sokolov: Listen to me...

    Dyadya Misha: There's their own place!

    Agent Sokolov: Dude, be more silently and calmer. Do you know somebody to face?

    Dyadya Misha: I know they all! I know they all up to one! All the bandits and all the parasits.

    Agent Sokolov: So, do you know Artist?

    Dyadya Misha: They all are artists! Try how they dilute this!

    [drinks vodka from a bottle]

    Dyadya Misha: It is diluted!

    [drinks vodka from a bottle]

    Dyadya Misha: It is nasty diluted! Look, I understand when we have diluted beer in Odessa but why I come to the liberty country? For have there diluted vodka? Oh, my god! Look... look, can I know your face, can't I?

    Agent Sokolov: No, it can't be. What is your name?

    Dyadya Misha: My name is dyadya Misha. I'm very known and very respectable man there. Call me "dyadya Misha".

    Kravchuk: Dyadya Misha!

    Dyadya Misha: Oh! Oh!

    Kravchuk: Dyadya Misha!

    Dyadya Misha: I told you: I'm very known and very respectable man.

    Kravchuk: [throws dyadya Misha's jacket to the ground] Ha-ha!

    [goes to restaurant]

    Dyadya Misha: He's idiot!

    [drinks vodka from a bottle]

    Agent Sokolov: [takes dyadya Misha's jacket] Let's go to restaurant? We will sit and talk there. I shall look around and be close.

  • Kravchuk: Artist! Give me last chance! I'll kill, I'll throw this agent to the Hell!

    Nikita Khrushchev: No, I will throw you to the Hell! I will throw all you to the Hell how I'll do it with damn capitalism! You're fools! You're weeklings! You're pederasts! One their agent - and ours are dead!

    Katz: Katz always suggested to surrender, suggested to surrender, suggested to surrender, suggested to...

    Kravchuk: [beats Katz] There is no time to surrender! The Sheikh comes tomorrow!

    Nikita Khrushchev: And if you show humanism here too...

    [removes his boot and knocks it to a tribune]

    Nikita Khrushchev: I'll beat you!

    Kravchuk: I swear, the Sheikh's operation will be OK! I swear, Artist!

    Nikita Khrushchev: Oh, what's about your ear?


    Nikita Khrushchev: Why you're such black-eared? What's a abstractionism with you?

    Kravchuk: Oh, Artist! Do you think I can get any piece of a leather from our greed people? I take it for implantation from one negro...

    Nikita Khrushchev: See, comrade Katz! It's good example of international friendship! I suggest to present all-Union health resort Crimea to the negro comrades!

  • Kravchuk: Hey, you, soloist! Now you'll have a duet!

    Dyadya Misha: [falls to the room] Oh, my head!

    Agent Sokolov: Dyadya Misha? Dyadya Misha!

    Dyadya Misha: Oh, he knocked me!

    Agent Sokolov: [takes dyadya Misha] Dyadya Misha! Why you're there?

    Dyadya Misha: [crying] Because of Sheikh! Think, who I am and who're Sheikh! But they said, you're friend of this Fedya, you shouted it at restaurant! Oh, why I shouted it!... Look, we are friends?

    Agent Sokolov: Yes, we are.

    Dyadya Misha: They said: if you are friends, you must know where is Sheikh too! But I don't know anything! Do you know, where's Sheikh?

    Agent Sokolov: Yes, I know...

    Dyadya Misha: I beg you: tell them where's that damn Sheikh, or they'll kill us!

    Agent Sokolov: I am ready to this...

    Dyadya Misha: But I'm don't ready!

    Agent Sokolov: I hope, they will not have enough meanness for kill you.

    Dyadya Misha: Don't hope! They grasped Masha!

    Agent Sokolov: What? They grasped Masha?

    Dyadya Misha: Yes, yes, yes, yes. They torment her already.

    Agent Sokolov: Bastards!

    [runs to door and knocks it]

    Agent Sokolov: Vermins! Cattles! Open the door!

    Kravchuk: [comes to the room] What?

    Agent Sokolov: Tell the Artist: I'll give Sheikh to him.

    Kravchuk: Artist!


    Kravchuk: Fedya want tell you: he'll give Sheikh to you!

    Dyadya Misha: You're idiot! You're moron! You're degenerate! Son of bitch!

    Agent Sokolov: [grins] You speak like a tramp, Artist.

    Dyadya Misha: Yes! I'm Artist! I came here not for damn ham and damn jeans! I came here for beautiful art!

    [changes to the Artist]

    Artist: What roles I have in Odessa because of these damn, untalented directors? "Let's eat"? But here... Oh, here I created my own theatre! Here my talent can create kings and madmen, geniuses and villains!

    Agent Sokolov: Yeah, your best roles is villains! Bravo!


    Agent Sokolov: Take this present from grateful spectators!

    [beats Artist's face]

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