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  • Super Drone: You have killed what can't be killed. We were so close, our great task almost complete. You have destroyed it all.

    Tallis: Your great task was murder. You're wrong.

    Super Drone: Look upon my murdered family, soldier.

    Tallis: Prepare to join them.

    Super Drone: If I live, the drone army lives. If I survive we will rise again. I am hardwired to rebuild, programmed to regenerate. With minimal technology I can replenish the EDP army. Join me, soldier. We can command an army only the likes of which you could imagine. We're similar, you and I, not like them. Drop your weapon, join me.

    Tallis: I don't think so.

  • [first lines]

    Angel - Tallis' Rifle: 'It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.' Albert Einstein made that statement when the steam powered locomotive was still a wonder of technology. I wonder what theory he would have had for the mess mankind has made of things now. Humankind did the best that it could most of the time, but complacency cost them. The first wave of the Drone assualt destroyed them. They never had a chance to regroup after that first devastating attack. They had no reference for its sheer force. Hmm, but we really lost the battle before the first shot was fired, didn't we, Tallis?

    Tallis: Man does not live in peace.

  • Angel - Tallis' Rifle: Drone Police propaganda. Do you really think the key to their defeat is in watching those old news broadcats?

    Tallis: The Drones need humans. They have never been self sufficient.

  • Girl: You're like them... a genetically engineered, right?

    Tallis: Not like them.

    Angel - Tallis' Rifle: Tallis is electronically enhanced, not a cyborg. He has a nano-relay transmitter in his eye, otherwise he's human, like you. The Drones are biomechanical replicants. If you've ever seen one without its mask you'll understand.

  • Tallis: There's 500K of uncut Hamex in that pistol grip.

    Angel - Tallis' Rifle: [Girl tries to fire at Tallis] Trigger mechanism inoperable. You are *not* the authorised user of this weapon. He's offering to share his food with you.

    Girl: Did your rifle just talk to me?

    Angel - Tallis' Rifle: Tallis was hardwired for to kill, not to nurse, so choose your next move carefully.

    Tallis: [offers food] Do you want any of this?

  • Tallis: Disable the Drones!

    Drone Scientist: You don't understand, we don't command the Drone, the Drone command us! We worship the Drone. We engineered them to be perfect, infallible. They are human evolution, they are our religion. There are hundreds of us working for them, but they don't need us, any of us, anymore.

    Tallis: Without you, without this equipment, the patrolmen will stop?

    Drone Scientist: Our objective was the constitution of a peaceful world, a utopia, the realization of the mythical Nirvana.

  • Tallis: What's happening out there?

    Girl: Most people were too shocked to do anything. Others took in to live underground... like rats. Some of us chose to fight, to make a stand.

    Tallis: Who's running the Drones?

    Girl: They run off their first initiative, to kill human beings. Every month we make a sweep trying to find the new nerve center. If we can find it, destroy it, then theoretically we can disable them.

    Tallis: Any luck?

    Girl: Based on intercepted radio transmissions the Drones are being run out of the city of Thebes refinery.

    Angel - Tallis' Rifle: The city of Thebes was the target of our final great assualt, our last stand.

    Girl: It's their vulnerable underbelly, they know that. You know, kind of like a guard dog protecting its dead master.

  • Tallis: Who are these guys?

    Angel - Tallis' Rifle: They arn't registering on my sensors, must be a Type 2 model. All of that is classified. They were on an ultra low level frequency. That's covert military capability. I hope there are no more of them, Tallis.

    Tallis: Status on Drone Police force?

    Angel - Tallis' Rifle: [about Type 1's] I wish you could see what I'm seeing, Tallis. Com sat on wide range, Drone operative status: inoperable. Without directives they're on ice. They can't breathe without a command. Without the relay station the Drones are powerless, they are literally suffocating. You saved the world, Tallis.

    Tallis: What's left of it.

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