Tallulah Quotes in Meet the Robinsons (2007)


Tallulah Quotes:

  • Franny: So Lewis, are you in Wilbur's class?

    Lewis: No.

    Wilbur: Yes!

    Lewis: Yes.

    Wilbur: No!

    [Franny gives them a puzzled look]

    Wilbur: Well, yes and no. Lewis is a new transfer student

    Uncle Gaston: Where you from Lewis?

    Lewis: Um, Canada?

    Tallulah: I think you mean North Montana, hasn't been called Canada in years!

    Lucille Krunklehorn: Do you know a Sam Gunderson?

    Lewis: It's a big country.

    Tallulah: State!

  • Tallulah: Your Plan depended on other people. People suck, and they'll disappoint you every time.

  • [talking about Blousey]

    Velma: You ever seen a broad carry a torch so high?

    Tallulah: Yeah, the Statue of Liberty.

  • Fat Sam: Is he there?

    Tallulah: No. There's no answer.

    [hanging up]

    Fat Sam: Then get him to me - poysonally.

    Tallulah: Personally?

    Fat Sam: [hand gestures] Poysonally.

    Tallulah: Poysonally.

  • [Her face plastered with custard pies]

    Tallulah: So this is show business.

  • Tallulah: I like my men at my feet.

  • Fat Sam: [as the speakeasy is closing down for the night and everyone is leaving] Tallulah! How much longer you want us to wait?

    Tallulah: [sweetly yet slightly sarcastically] Coming honey, you don't want me to look a mess, do you sweetheart?

    Fat Sam: Snap it up, will ya?

    Tallulah: Put your flaps down tiger or else you'll take off.

    Fat Sam: [annoyed] You spend more time prettying yourself up then there is time in the day!

    Tallulah: [pointedly] Listen honey, if I didn't look this good, you wouldn't give me the time of day.

    Fat Sam: [rejectedly] I'll see you in the car!

  • Tallulah: Suddenly everybody wants to be in show business.

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