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Paul Blake Quotes:

  • Paul Blake: Don't go away, Frank. I might need you.

    Frank Hudson: Well, you better get your gun. It will help you more than I will.

  • Paul Blake: You're hurt. You're tired. You're bleeding. I'm gonna make you a promise. We get into that endzone, you're not gonna feel any pain.

  • Paul Blake: The library's got your name on it. It's about time you saw the inside of it.

  • [a racquetball that Suzanne hits ricochets and hits Paul in the head]

    Suzanne Carter: Oh my God, I'm sorry. Are you okay?

    Paul Blake: No, actually. I just got hit in the head by a racquetball.

  • Andre Krimm: The next time I invite you out with the guys keep your white butt at home.

    Paul Blake: But I thought you said you wanted to Paaar-teee?

  • Jarvis Edison: How many timeouts do we have left?

    Paul Blake: Three.

    Jarvis Edison: Can we take 'em all now?

  • Paul Blake: You alright?

    Andre Krimm: Oh, I'm doing fine; except for the fact somebody hit me with a chair.

  • Suzanne Carter: What are you doing here?

    Paul Blake: Well, I'm kinda bleeding in your doorway. Can I come in?

    Suzanne Carter: Sure. Didn't I tell you to wear a helmet?

  • Paul Blake: Manu, snap me the ball.


    Paul Blake: Manu, Manu hike me the ball.

    [Manumana snaps the ball poorly]

    Lucy Draper: Relax big guy; you've already got the job.

  • Paul Blake: You can't just walk away.

    Jarvis Edison: You did.

    Paul Blake: How did I end up with Jiminy Cricket?

  • Paul Blake: Ah hell, mabye we should think about blocking him tonight.

  • Paul Blake: He's a coach, I'm a football player. The man can't talk to me like I'm human.

    Suzanne Carter: Have you tried?

    Paul Blake: I tried with you.

    Suzanne Carter: Look, you have to understand how hard it is to get resp...

    Paul Blake: Respect as a female teacher, yeah. You ought to try getting respect as a football player sometime.

  • Paul Blake: What's with all the attention?

    Manumana: Where I come from, Mr. Blake, we're taught to respect our elders.

    Paul Blake: Oh yeah? Well, I'm not that *eld*, alright?

  • Paul Blake: I'll buy you a beer. It's on me.

    Flat-top: [dumping glass of beer on Blake] Now it's on you.

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