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Mr. Grimes Quotes:

  • Tom: [walks over to Mr. Grimes who is drunk on the donkey] Where's this then Mr. Grimes?

    Mr. Grimes: [slurred] "Where's this then?" China! Where does tha think? Yorkshire! Can't tha see it's Yorkshire?

    Tom: I know it's Yorkshire, Mr. Grimes!

    Mr. Grimes: Well then.

    [donkey brays]

    Tom: I never seen it clean before.

    Mr. Grimes: We're in the country!

    Tom: Oh, is that what they call it? Lovely, innit Mr.Grimes?

    [looks around]

  • Mrs. Tripp: [Upon answering the door, Mrs. Tripp looks at Tom, before turning her gaze to Mr. Grimes]

    [to Mr. Grimes]

    Mrs. Tripp: What a disgusting, filthy disgrace to humanity you are!

    Mr. Grimes: [looking puzzled and slurring] I'm Crimes.

    Mrs. Tripp: You're drunk, sir.

    Mr. Grimes: Nevertheless, I'm Crimes

    [cannot say Grimes as he is still drunk]

    Masterman: [giggles]

    Mr. Grimes: [looking at Masterman, then to Mrs. Tripp] Well, does tha want the chimneys swept or does tha not want the chimneys swept?

    Mrs. Tripp: Mmm...

    [nods head towards door]

    Mrs. Tripp: Come in.

    [Towards Tom, who had begun to pick up Toby]

    Mrs. Tripp: And you can leave that thing outside for a start.

    Masterman: [grabbing Tobys lead] Come here. Mr Grimes...

    [passing Mr. Grimes his sweeps]

    Masterman: There's your bags.

    Mrs. Tripp: Now then. Listen to me, all of you. I've dust sheeted all the rooms where there's chimneys to be swept. You've brought plenty of soot bags, I see?

    Mr. Grimes: Yeah.

    Mrs. Tripp: Well use them! Because I warn you, one speck of soot in any of those rooms... and not a penny piece will you get from me.

    Masterman: [salutes to Mrs. Tripp] Yes, Ma'am.

    Mrs. Tripp: Well come on, get on with it then!

  • Mr. Grimes: [Tom recalls Grimes' accusation before jumping into the river] The boy's a thief!

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