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  • Elly: [When Ellie first meets Tom] Aren't you frightened of being in the dark?

    Tom: Sometimes... but I'm more afraid or Mr. Grimes.

    Elly: Mr. Grimes?

    Tom: Clouts me.

    Elly: Clouts you?

    Tom: Hits me... regularly... 'cross the ear 'ole.

    Elly: Why don't you tell your parents?

    Tom: Me what?

    Elly: Your Mother and Father.

    Tom: Ain't got no mum or dad.

  • Elly: You know, these aren't dresses. They're fucking costumes.

    Alex: Well, maybe at least my costume will make it into the church.

    Elly: Bitch!

    Alex: That's Mrs. Bitch to you.

  • Elly: [explains what she would do if free to do anything] I would create a virtual world, filled with beauty and opportunity. And everyone and everything in that world would ultimately be one. But they just didn't know it.

    Avatar: Why would you do that?

    Elly: So that through their own effort and striving, every element in that world could overcome the boundaries that divide them. And they could form this incredibly strong and vital bond, that could have never even been conceived of had the pain of it's opposite didn't exist.

    Elly: There's no more brilliant light than that which follows complete darkness.

  • [last lines]

    Elly: You're not going to be deleted, Craig.

    Avatar: But you said, game over. The end.

    Elly: It *is* over, Craig. You ended it just by the willingness to give yourself completely. That's the point. The whole game, the billions of avatars in their situations and trials, tribulations - every so often one of you does that. And then, they're no longer bound to the game, 'cause they've already won.

  • Avatar: [video chatting] How old are you?

    Elly: Um, I'm not really... there's no time here, so there's, so I can't really answer that.

    Avatar: Okay, where is here?

    Elly: In my room.

    Avatar: Which is where? What State are you in?

    Elly: I'm in the state of endless possibility and limitless dimension.

  • Avatar: This whole freewill thing, I don't get it. Why did you build it into the program?

    Elly: When you can go either way, but you choose to do the right thing, there's nothing more gratifying to me than that.

    Avatar: But what if I choose wrong?

    Elly: You won't.

    Avatar: How do you know?

    Elly: I know everything.

    Avatar: [pondering] Then that's not really freewill, is it.

    Elly: Sure it is. I know because I'm not subject to time. Which is just another construct of the program. I know what you'll do it, but I'm not making you do it.

    Avatar: Hmm. And I guess you can always shut it down if it's not going the way you hoped.

    Elly: I don't hope Craig. I program.

    Avatar: I want to be like you. Elly.

    Elly: You are. I programmed you in my image.

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