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Mikhail Quotes:

  • Venus: Joe.

    Joe: You okay? You not hurt?

    Venus: They killed my brother and the American ambassador.

    Mikhail: We know.

    Venus: They've got the president and the girls. We've got to get help.

    Joe: Look we've got a hell of a recording deal coming up with your label, none of these assholes gonna stop me.

  • Mikhail: [holding a chili pepper before Bhope] You know what we do when a horse refuses to run? We stuff a chili up his ass. How it takes off then.

    Mikhail: [making the sound of a horse running off onto the distance] Takbut, takbut, takbut, takbut, takbut, takbut... Later on, to catch up with it, the jockey sticks TWO up his own.

    Bhope Bhau: Two?

    Mikhail: [imitating the sound of a running jockey] Sarpat, sarpat, sarpat, sarpat...

    [Everyone laughs but Charlie]

    Bhope Bhau: [laughing] Our way of dealing with laggards is a little different. We don't try to make them run. We just blow them off.

  • Mikhail: [singing] Spiderman, Spiderman! Spiderman, Spiderman.

    Charlie: You'll die soon.

    Mikhail: Yes, right. As if YOU'LL live forever. How about I slit your throat?

  • Mikhail: Our brother has a yellow streak down his back.

    Boris: No, it's not down, it runs across.

  • Mikhail: Do you have a robot penis?

    Itself: Removed in beta stage two point one. Unit Six Nine Six Nine is all cyberwoman now.

  • Mikhail: Babe, you're not drinking?

    Itself: Cybertransexualwomen need not inbibe. Plus cybertransexualwomen have squares for hands.

  • Brandon: We are not the robots!

    Mikhail: I thought that's what we were going for man, a robot punk band from the 24th century.

    Larry: I thought it was the 25th century.

    MikhailLarryNeumann: Yea, 25th. From what planet though?

    Brandon: Guys, we are a chronos punk band, a scifi and sex punk band from the 21st century on planet earth!

    Neumann: Or your anus.

    Larry: Or her anus.

    Mikhail: Or his anus.

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