Mikey Ubriacco Quotes in Look Who's Talking Now (1993)


Mikey Ubriacco Quotes:

  • Mikey Ubriacco: Stop brushing her, Julie. She already looks like a Q-tip.

    Julie Ubriacco: Your dog smells like a diaper.

    Mikey Ubriacco: Does not!

    Julie Ubriacco: Diaper dog! Diaper dog!

    Mikey Ubriacco: Q-tip head dog.

    Julie Ubriacco: Stinky dog!

    Mikey Ubriacco: Bald-butted dog.

  • Mikey Ubriacco: I don't wanna brush my teeth. I brushed them last Saturday!

    James: I know, but you're gonna have plants growing out of your mouth.

  • Mikey Ubriacco: We need a dog. 'Cause like those guys who come to our door to sell stuff, he could chew their legs off.

  • James: Mike, what do you think of this suit?

    Mikey Ubriacco: You look like my principal.

    James: See? Even he thinks it's stupid.

    Mollie: *He* is not offering you a dental plan.

  • Mikey Ubriacco: [after he and James have brought Rocks home and have seen Daphne for the first time] I like Rocks better...

    James: [putting his hand over Mikey's mouth] A dog! A dog! Finally a dog! We'll playw ith your Rocks later.

    Mikey Ubriacco: [muffled] Okay, no problem

    Mollie: As I was just telling Samantha, there's no way we'd take her precious baby away.

    [as Samantha leaves room, she grabs James and gives him a suspicious look]

    James: [citing the 'dog school' Daphne attended] Radcliffe, honey, Radcliffe!

    [walks away]

  • Mollie: You want to open another one of your presents?

    Mikey Ubriacco: It's probably just more stupid clothes.

    Mollie: Well you know what? If it weren't for them you'd be freezing your little tushie off right now.

    Julie Ubriacco: Yeah!

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