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  • Tara B. True: You old pervert! What would your mother say?

    Igor Smith: My ma? Let's ask her.

    [calling upstairs]

    Igor Smith: Hey ma, we got another one!

    Ma: [Off camera] That's a good boy, sonny. Don't fight!

    -- Ma
  • Ellen Wagstaff Arden aka Eve: Oh, by the way, how was my funeral?

    Ma: Lovely. Doctor Blake preached a wonderful service.

    Ellen Wagstaff Arden aka Eve: Oh, I wish I had been there.

    -- Ma
  • Ma: Flash, be sure and tie your grandfather up and check the knots real good. While he was sniffing around for food yesterday, he nearly wandered into the Forbidden Zone.

    -- Ma
  • Arnold: Ma... I miss him.

    Ma: Give yourself time, Arnold. It gets better... But, Arnold, it never goes away. You can work longer hours, adopt a son, fight with me, whatever... it'll still be there. But that's all right, it becomes a part of you, like learning to wear a ring or a pair of eyeglasses. You get used to it. And that's good. It's good, because it makes sure you don't forget. You don't want to forget him, do you?

    -- Ma
  • Ma: You cheated me out of your life and then blamed me for not being there.

    -- Ma
  • Ma: After all, a problem is never as permanent as a solution!

    -- Ma
  • Ma: Friend-friend, or euphemism-friend?

    David: He used to be a euphemism, now he's just a friend.

    -- Ma
  • Alan: Why are all the mirrors covered?

    Arnold: So we don't see the pain in our faces.

    Alan: Why is everyone sitting on boxes?

    Arnold: To make sure there's pain in our faces.

    Ma: [in an undertone] You told me he was Jewish!

    Arnold: Out-of-town Jewish.

    -- Ma
  • Ma: Arnold, think about the boy. The way you live is bound to affect himmmmmm!

    Arnold: Ma, David is gay!

    Ma: He hasn't even been here a year!

    Arnold: He came that way!

    Ma: Nobody COMES that way!

    Arnold: What an opening!

    -- Ma
  • Arnold: Try and imagine the world the other way around. Imagine every book, every magazine, every TV show, every movie was telling you you should be homosexual. You know you're not, but...

    Ma: Stop already, you're talking crazy.

    Arnold: You wanna know what's crazy? After all these years I'm still sitting here trying to justify my life. THIS is crazy!

    -- Ma
  • Ma: You haven't heard one word I've said!

    Arnold: I KNOW YOU WOULD RATHER I WAS STRAIGHT, I'M NOT! Would you also rather I lie to you? My friend Ed, who'd never dream of telling his parents, instead he cut his parents out of his life. And they wonder 'why? Why is my child so distant?' Is that what you'd rather?

    Ma: No. But it doesn't have to be on every conversation, either.

    Arnold: You want to be a part of my life, I'm not editing out the things you don't like!

    -- Ma
  • Ma: You want meaningful conversation? Do what I do, talk to yourself. It's the only way.

    -- Ma
  • Ma: You're gonna love it.

    Jack: What?

    Ma: The world.

    -- Ma
  • [first lines]

    Ma: Ssh. Go back to sleep.

    Jack: [reciting to himself] Once upon a time, before I came, you cried and cried and watched TV all day, until you were a zombie. But then I zoomed down from heaven, through skylight, into Room. Whoosh-pshew! And I was kicking you from the inside. Boom, boom! And then I shot out onto Rug with my eyes wide open, and you cutt-ed the cord and said, "Hello, Jack!"

    -- Ma
  • Jack: Last line: Say bye to Room, Ma.

    Ma: mouths silently: Bye, Room.

    -- Ma
  • Jack: It's because door's open.

    Ma: What?

    Jack: It can't really be room if door's open.

    -- Ma
  • Jack: Are we in another planet?

    Ma: Same one. Just a different spot.

    -- Ma
  • [last lines]

    Jack: It can't really be Room if door's open.

    Ma: Do you want me to close it?

    Jack: Nah.

    Ma: Jack, can we go?

    Jack: Bye, plant. Bye, chair number one. Bye, chair number two. Bye, table. Bye, wardrobe. Bye, sink. Bye-bye, skylight. Ma, say bye-bye to room.

    -- Ma
  • Ma: I'm sorry Jack.

    Jack: It's okay. Don't do it again.

    Ma: I promise

    Jack: Are you better now?

    Ma: Yeah, I'm starting to be. Hey, Jack?

    Jack: Yeah?

    Ma: When Grandma brought this to me

    [Shows Jack the trimmings of his hair]

    Ma: I knew that I could get better. You saved me... Again.

    -- Ma
  • Ma: He needs to play with something real. I'm worried about him being on the phone.

    Nancy: He's doing fine.

    Ma: Well, I don't give him my phone, so I'd appreciate it if you didn't give him yours.

    Nancy: Okay, I won't.

    Ma: Great.


    Ma: I just want him to connect with something.

    Nancy: Joy. Joy, he's really doing fine.

    Ma: I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm supposed to be happy.

    Nancy: You just need to rest, okay?

    Ma: No, I don't. I don't need to rest!

    Nancy: That's... That's what the doctor...

    Ma: [Interrupts] That is not what the doctor said. You don't know what he said, because it was a confidential conversation, and you don't know what he said!

    Nancy: All right, all right, all right! You're impossible to talk to right now.

    Ma: Well, sorry.

    Nancy: No. No, you're not sorry!

    Ma: Yeah, I'm not sorry! You have no idea what's going on in my head.

    Nancy: Yeah. Well, try me! I have asked you.

    Ma: And then what? Then, every time you look at me, that's all that you see?

    Nancy: When I look at you, Joy, I will see my daughter.

    Ma: You don't need me. You've been doing just fine without me.

    Nancy: Oh. How can you say that, huh? Do you honestly think that you were the only one whose life was destroyed?

    Ma: [Interrupts] Actually, that's exactly what I think.

    Nancy: Yeah? Well how would you feel if somebody took Jack away from you?

    Ma: Oh, shut up!

    Nancy: Look at him! You should be thinking about him!

    Ma: Oh, don't you tell me how to look after my son. I'm sorry that I'm not nice anymore, but you know what? Maybe if your voice saying "be nice" hadn't been in my head, then maybe I wouldn't have helped the guy with the fucking sick dog! Stay there, Jack. I'm calling the fucking lawyer. I can't stay in this place.

    -- Ma
  • Ma: I'm sorry that I'm not nice anymore, but you know what? Maybe if your voice saying "be nice" hadn't been in my head, then maybe I wouldn't have helped the guy with the fucking sick dog!

    -- Ma
  • Talk Show Hostess: When he's older, will you tell Jack about his father?

    Ma: Jack's not his. He's not his.

    Talk Show Hostess: So are you saying that there were other men?

    Ma: No! No. Um... A father is... a man who loves his child.

    Talk Show Hostess: Of course. That's so true in a very real sense, but the... the biological relationship that you...

    Ma: That's not a relationship.

    -- Ma
  • Jack: Is bad tooth hurting?

    Ma: Mmhmm, but you know mind over matter.

    Jack: If you don't mind, it doesn't matter

    Ma: You're right. Hey do you know what we're gonna do today?

    Jack: What?

    Ma: We're going to bake a birthday cake

    Jack: A birthday cake?

    Ma: Mmhmm

    Jack: Like from TV?

    Ma: Mmhmm, but for real

    Jack: No way!

    -- Ma
  • Ma: [about the mouse] He's on the other side of this wall.

    Jack: What other side?

    Ma: Jack, there's two sides to everything.

    Jack: Not on an octagon.

    Ma: Yeah, but...

    Jack: [Interrupts] An octagon has eight sides

    Ma: But a wall, okay, a wall's like this, see? And we're on the inside and mouse is on the outside.

    Jack: In outer space?

    Ma: No, in the world. It's much closer than outer space.

    Jack: I can't see the outside-side.

    Ma: Listen, I know that I told you something else before, but you were much younger. I didn't think that you could understand, but now you're so old, you're so smart. I know that you can get this. Where do you think that old Nick gets our food?

    Jack: From TV by magic!

    -- Ma
  • [first lines]

    Ma: Go back to sleep.

    -- Ma
  • Old Nick: What's that smell?

    Ma: Sorry, I burned some cheese. Here. I just wasn't thinking.

    Old Nick: Well, thinking is not your strong suit.

    -- Ma
  • Ma: One day when I was seventeen, I was walking home from school...

    Jack: Where was I?

    Ma: You were still in up heaven. But there was a guy. He pretended that his dog was sick.

    Jack: What guy?

    Ma: Old Nick. We call him "Old Nick". I don't know what his real name is. He pretended his dog was sick...

    Jack: What's the dog's name?

    Ma: Jack, there's wasn't a dog! He was trying to trick me, OK? There wasn't a dog, Old Nick stole me.

    Jack: I want a different story!

    Ma: No! This is the story that you get! He put me in his garden shed. Here. Room is the shed. He's locked the door. He's the only one who knows the code. You know, the secret numbers that open the door? He's the only one who knows, and I've been locked in here for seven years. I've been in here for seven years, OK.

    Jack: This story is boring!

    Ma: Jack, the world is so big. It's so big, you wouldn't believe it. And room is just one stinky part of it.

    Jack: Room's not stinky, only when you do a fart!

    [Both start crying]

    Ma: Oh God, OK.

    Jack: I don't believe in your STINKY world!

    -- Ma
  • Ma: You're five and you're old enough to understand what the world there is. You have to understand. YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND. We can't keep living like this. You need to help me.

    Jack: I wanna be four again.

    -- Ma
  • Ma: [seeing the photo of her relay race team] You know what happened to them?

    Jack: No.

    Ma: Exactly.

    -- Ma
  • Old Nick: [approaching the closet where Jack is hiding] Hey, you want some candy?

    Ma: Come to bed. Please.

    Old Nick: Please? Didn't your momma ever teach you any manners, young lady?

    -- Ma
  • Old Nick: What is that? !s that a birthday cake?

    Ma: Mm.

    Old Nick: You should have told me. I'd have gotten him a present. So how old is he, anyway? Four?

    Jack: [whispering] Five.

    -- Ma
  • Honey: Haven't you seen my hip-hop class? They love it.

    Ma: But hip-hop can't take you the places where ballet can.

    -- Ma
  • Honey: Oh, I forgot. I'm suppose to see all the beautiful things in this world.

    Ma: Well, there's nothing wrong with my wanting that for you.

    Honey: No, but what about what I want?

    -- Ma
  • Janie: Good night, Ma.

    Ma: Good night, dear. Did you have a good time?

    Janie: Swell. - - Good night, Pop.

    Pop: Have a good time?

    Janie: Swell.

    Butch: What'd you see?

    Janie: The one at The Strand.

    Butch: Any good?

    Janie: Swell.

    -- Ma
  • Ma: Don't you want to join the clean plate club?

    -- Ma
  • Ma: There's Joan Crawford, right over there. See.

    Elvira: Oh, Mother, don't speak so loud.

    -- Ma
  • Ma: You can make a fool of yourself, if you want. But, you can't make a fool of us, you sap!

    -- Ma
  • Ma: Oh, it's you, is it! I always did say a bad penny has no sense!

    -- Ma
  • Ma: From now on we're going to manage ourselves, Mr. Butts! Oh, I've never been so humiliated in my life. I'm ashamed to show my face.

    Elmer Butts: I don't blame ya.

    -- Ma
  • Elmer Butts: I was all flustered up there tonight when that feller insisted that I was William Haines. Gee, I felt bad!

    Ma: You felt bad? Imagine how William Haines felt!

    -- Ma
  • Ma: You oughta be with your grandfather.

    Elmer Butts: Why, he's dead.

    Ma: I know that!

    -- Ma
  • Larry: Mr. Niblo, this is the little lady I was speaking to you about.

    Fred Niblo: Oh, this is the little country flower. Oh, that's charming. Very charming, in deed. Won't you stand up, my dear, let me look at you. - - Oh, very nice! Very nice, in deed, Miss...

    Elvira: Plunkett.

    Fred Niblo: Miss Plunkett.

    Elvira: And, eh, this is my mother, Mr. Niblo.

    Fred Niblo: Oh, how do you do, Mrs...

    Ma: Plunkett too.

    Fred Niblo: Oh, two Plunketts. Charming.

    -- Ma
  • Ma: As I've always said, you can't make a silk purse out of a horse's neck.

    -- Ma

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