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Judd Quotes:

  • Judd: All problems solved for life. No commies and no queers.

  • Judd: Barclay confiscated another torch last night.

    Guy Bennett: How many is that?

    Judd: Twelve. Twelve torches taken away to stop me getting the education I'm supposed to be here for.

  • Guy Bennett: God, if our parents only knew what actually went on here.

    Judd: They do know. Fathers anyway.

  • Judd: [Angela knocks him down and prepares to bring a running chainsaw down upon him] No, don't.

    Angela: [She brings the chainsaw down upon him] Sorry, but once I start a task, I always finish.

  • [Talking about angela]

    Judd: Hey, Molly, how do you put up with that bitch?

    Molly Nagle: She's not that bad.

    Demi: Come on, Molly, you have to admit she's a little bit weird.

    Ally: Weird isn't the word for it. I think she's a dike.

    [guys start laughing]

    Ally: I'm totally serious.

  • Judd: You hear that Georgia?

    Georgia: That's awesome Mom.

    Violet: that's awesome mom It is isn't it? Oh baby just think, someday your images are going to be hanging up next to Sally Man

    Georgia: They're your images.

    Violet: Oh no. God gave me such a beautiful daughter and I want to show the world how special you are.

    Georgia: Mom, do I have to do this today? I just really don't feel like it.

    Violet: Why not?

    Georgia: I love your photos, it's not that.

  • Judd: Beagle. Anything happen to that girl and I'm gonna kill you.

    Beagle: Ok.

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