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Jenny Cross Quotes:

  • Jenny Cross: Mom, there is wiggy shit going down here.

    Jenny Cross: Wiggy shit.

    Jenny Cross: Way beyond not having internet or cable.

    Jenny Cross: We're talking full on cult.

    Jenny Cross: These people are freaks.

    Jenny Cross: Vows of silence, macaroni crafts and graven images everywhere...

  • Jenny Cross: In Jennyism, we do chores after dinner.

    Jenny Cross: It's a sign of respect to the almighty teen.

  • Jenny Cross: You hippie-lesbo-patchouli-smelling... whore!

  • Dr. Polieos: I don't know where your Mother gets this idea I have money.

    Dr. Polieos: She's lying.

    Dr. Polieos: Yet again.

    Jenny Cross: The Mother who raised me while you spent every weekend at self-help seminars for two grand a pop?

  • Jenny Cross: I guess I'm just disappointed is all.

    Cassie Cross: Disappointed is a lover's word.

    Cassie Cross: Remember, he's just a man.

    Cassie Cross: Another screwed up liberal man whose single mother did everything for him until he turned into effing Peter Pan.

    Cassie Cross: God, it's her fault really.

  • Jenny Cross: Is that it?

    Puck: No, there's more.

  • Dr. Polieos: All I want is a relationship with you.

    Dr. Polieos: Is it so much to ask for?

    Dr. Polieos: I know I'm not a Gilbert Girl like your mother...

    Jenny Cross: Gilmore Girls.

    Dr. Polieos: Give your dad one chance.

    Dr. Polieos: Things will be different, I promise.

    Dr. Polieos: If not, you can run away tomorrow.

    Dr. Polieos: But tonight, we're having this eggplant stew I learned from a tribal chief in the Himalayans...

  • Jenny Cross: So you're Wiccan.

    Rhea: Stag's Grove is non-denominational.

    Rhea: We promote religious understanding and tolerance.

    Jenny Cross: So you make things up.

  • Jenny Cross: You know, I was born on Midsummer.

    Puck: And I am Puck.

    Puck: Sure you want to run away from us?

    Puck: Maybe we were meant to be.

    Puck: How 'bout I take you back to freak village and stand guard while you grab your stuff. Then we get in my car and drive.

    Puck: We can rob Qwik-E Marts. Like Natural Born Killers."

    Jenny Cross: That's a little overdramatic.

    Jenny Cross: I'm just another victim of divorce.

    Jenny Cross: All I need is a one way ticket bus ticket home, and a bilateral parentectomy.

  • Jenny Cross: How old is she, six?

    Jenny Cross: I mean come on.

    Jenny Cross: I didn't even drew my first dick until at least fourth grade.

  • Jenny Cross: Did you write that?

    Puck: Yes, for you.

    Jenny Cross: The part where it was my name only, right?

    Jenny Cross: Last week you sang it for Heidi, the week before it was Katt...

    Puck: Actually it was Stacy.

    Puck: And the week before that it was Kathleen...

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