Gulley Jimson Quotes in The Horse's Mouth (1958)


Gulley Jimson Quotes:

  • Gulley Jimson: What are you doing?

    Miss D. Coker: I'm saying my prayers; I forgot them.

    Gulley Jimson: I thought you hated G-d.

    Miss D. Coker: Maybe I do.

    Gulley Jimson: Why do you pray then?

    Miss D. Coker: Well, he's our Father, isn't he?

    Gulley Jimson: That's a funny reason.

  • Gulley Jimson: What are your feet like?

    Charwoman: Why?

    Gulley Jimson: If they're really old, trampled feet - as I suspect - I'd like to draw them.

    Charwoman: Draw your own feet!

    [she leaves]

    Gulley Jimson: Old women's feet... thin, flat, long, clinging to the ground like reptiles.

  • Gulley Jimson: Go away. Scram. Tie lead weights to your feet, fireworks in your hair, kiss your mother goodbye and jump in the river. I don't know you. I don't want to know you. Buzz off! Explode!

  • Gulley Jimson: [to Nosey] Now see what you've done. Got me locked out for life.

    [Referring to prison]

  • Constable: Mr. Jimson?

    Gulley Jimson: No. That's my first cousin, once removed, an artist who's always getting into trouble with the police. He just went up the road. Shall I call him back?

    Constable: Have you just sent a telephone message of a threatening character to Mr. Hickson of Portland Place?

    Gulley Jimson: I only said I'd burn his house down and cut his liver out.

    Constable: Now he doesn't want to prosecute, but if you go on making a nuissance of yourself, well, he's gonna have to take steps.

    Gulley Jimson: Would he rather I cut his liver out without phoning?

    Constable: Now, come now, Mr. Jimson. Put yourself in his place.

    Gulley Jimson: I wish I could. It's a very nice place.

  • Gulley Jimson: Of course you want to be an artist. Everybody does, once. But they get over it, like measles and chicken pox.

    Nosey: But there have to be artists!

    Gulley Jimson: And lunatics too! But why go and live in an asylum before you're sent for?

  • Hodges: Are you sure that Sir and Lady Beeder are expecting you?

    Gulley Jimson: Expecting me? They're down on their knees praying for me.

  • Gulley Jimson: Anyone at home? Mrs. Morton Graines Waring? She's gone to Java.

    Abel: That's all right, I'll work down there. Come. I want to get started.

  • Gulley Jimson: I like it here: bricks and broken glass, and an old garbage can. It's the story of my life.

  • Gulley Jimson: It could happen to anyone, dear. All the greatest artists got their squares wrong. Numbers were invented by Arabs who hate art.

  • Gulley Jimson: Go and do something sensible, like shooting yourself! But don't be an artist!

  • Gulley Jimson: Thirty seconds of revelation is worth a million years of know-nothings.

  • Painter at side of ship: Where do you think you're goin', Dad? What's the big idea?

    Gulley Jimson: Ah, there is good news yet to hear, and fine things to be seen... before we go to paradise... by way of Kensal Green.

  • Gulley Jimson: I have news for you... I'm going to be a little bit ill.

  • Gulley Jimson: It's the kind of face you want to throw a brick at, don't you think?

  • Sara Monday: [Introduces Jimson to Dicky] This is Mr. Jimson. He's an artist.

    Gulley Jimson: Since when?

    Sara Monday: [to Dicky] You've never seen a real artist before, have you?

    Constable: [Dicky sticks out tongue to Jimson]

    Gulley Jimson: You've got the right idea, son. Why don't you bite me? That's the way to treat strangers. Make them respect you.

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