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Felix Bean Quotes:

  • Felix Bean: Well, there's no way she heard that.

    Zach: How do you know?

    Felix Bean: She would have called by now.

    [Phone begins to ring]

    Felix Bean: I'm not here.

    Grogan: Me neither.

    Zach: Me neither.

    Freaky Reaky: Me neither.

    Matt: Me neither.

    Grogan: [On answering machine] Greetings earthing. At the lazor please record your communication... And take me to your leader

    [Lazor sounds on recording]

    Matt: That is the funniest message I've ever heard.

  • Matt: [Discussing the six digit phone number a girl gave Zach] Maybe it's one of those love numbers.

    Felix Bean: What like I want to be with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year

    [Matt nods]

    Zach: Yeah, but these numbers are 213147.

    Felix Bean: Oh well I guess she wants to be with you three days a week 21 hours a day 147 days a year.

  • Zach: So what's his name?

    Felix Bean: Traci Shannon.

    Zach: Traci Shannon! That's not just a firsty, firsty. It's also a girly girly

  • Felix Bean: [waiting in line for the bathroom at a party] It's like waiting in line for space mountain. You know

    [with Russian accent]

    Felix Bean: In Russia?

  • Emily: Felix, I don't think anything's happening.

    Felix Bean: It'll happen, Don't worry, I'm on top of it.

    Emily: On top of the aurora borealis?

  • Felix Bean: Oh, I'll show tasty bait.

  • Zach: I didn't want to kiss her in a public place.

    Felix Bean: What? Like on the face?

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