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  • Maciste: Thank you for healing the burns on my hands. Now I can continue on my struggle.

    Fania: Struggle? Against whom? Against what?

    Maciste: Against evil.

  • Fania: You will never find her here... among the millions of damned... whose faces all bear the same brand of eternal suffering.

  • [first lines]

    Judge Parrish: [reading] In the name of the king of Scotland, and with the authority as conferred upon me, I, Edgar Parris, justice supreme of Loch Laird of the kingdom of Scotland, on this, the first day of November year of grace 1515...

    Fania: [in the form of the old Martha Gaunt] Curse you!

    Judge Parrish: ...condemn hereby to be burned alive the sorceress...

    Fania: Malediction!

    Judge Parrish: ...Martha Gaunt for witchcraft.

    Fania: Curse you all!

    Judge Parrish: This woman, with her evil match, having had communion with the devil and other malignant spirits, has condemned many innocent victims to eternal damnation.

    Fania: Curse ye! Swine!

    Judge Parrish: Martha Gaunt, as the fires of Hell consume your soul forever, so shall this fire your body. And your ash be henceforth scattered to the winds.

    Fania: I know you, Justice Parris. This is just your revenge because I would not grant you my favors when I was young and pretty. Given in to your malice and destroy me in the flesh. But, remember, hate will take root in the soil and never will it be purged. Not for centuries! Not for eternity!

    Judge Parrish: Execute the sentence!

  • Maciste: How is it that a beautiful woman like you is down here?

    Fania: Don't ask me questions. It's enough for you to know I'll help you.

    Maciste: Who are you?

    Fania: Fania.

    Maciste: You use magic?

    Fania: The magic of all women in love.

  • Fania: Maciste's not you. He's strong and generous. And justice, and kidness, and love are the weapons he uses. And there's no power of evil that can defeat him.

  • Judge Parrish: You can't look at him without hating him.

    Fania: Or loving him.

    Judge Parrish: You? Capable of love?

    Fania: Yes. I thought that was all finished. I tried to corrupt him, Parris. With my witchcraft and charm. But he conquered everything, even me.

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