Cookie Bullfincher Quotes in The Gay Ranchero (1948)


Cookie Bullfincher Quotes:

  • Nicci Lopez: What are you doing here? This is not a place for a girl. Are you crazy?

    Consuelo Belmonte: Yes, I love you.

    Nicci Lopez: But you will be in great danger. There will be shooting!

    Consuelo Belmonte: [carelessly] I don't care. When I discover how brave you are, I decide to come with you. If you die, I die. We all die!

    Cookie Bullfincher: Hey, wait a minute, don't count me in on this!

  • [commenting on the girth of the new ranch hands]

    Roy Rogers: Cookie, if you don't quit hiring your relatives...

    Cookie Bullfincher: Well, Roy, after their mama died...

    Roy Rogers: ...we'll never be able to feed Europe!

  • [Roy catches Caroline Bullfincher after she faints from seeing a mouse]

    Roy Rogers: I can tell she's your relation - she weights a ton!

    Cookie Bullfincher: Oh, she ain't that big.

    Roy Rogers: How old did you say she was?

    Cookie Bullfincher: Oh, well, let's see. When I left...

    [the "unconcious" Caroline whacks him in the stomach]

    Cookie Bullfincher: ... oh, ow! Ah, I don't rightly remember, Roy.

    Roy Rogers: Well, you know how we tell the age of horses don't you?

    Cookie Bullfincher: Look at their teeth?

    Roy Rogers: Right!

  • Cookie Bullfincher: Watch yourself; they won't give us any information unless they think we're bums.

    Roy Rogers: That's why I brought you along.

    Cookie Bullfincher: Aw, Roy!

  • Cookie Bullfincher: I knew I was too young and pretty to die.

  • [Roy is unhappy that his boss has ordered to cooperate with Lee Madison while she researches her next western novel]

    Bob: Did you read "Murder on the Border"?

    Cookie Bullfincher: Golly, I did. It's about...

    Roy Rogers: I know what it's about - black-hearted villains and roarin' six-guns. I'd like to see him face those six guns he writes about.

  • [seeking the location of an old Mexican silver mine, Roy, Cookie, Lee and the Padre find a clue on one of the bells of San Angelo church]

    Padre: [reading the inscription] "As the sun rises, the shadow of my arms and the pillar of my strength shall mark that which God made and whence came the bells of San Angelo."

    Lee Madison: That's beautiful!

    Cookie Bullfincher: But what does it mean?

    Roy Rogers: "... The shadow of my arms and the pillar of my strength..." Arms, pillar - that must mean a cross! Cookie, do you know where there's a cross around here?

    Cookie Bullfincher: Sure! On top of the church.

    Roy Rogers: No, I mean up in the hills near the border where the mine could be.

    Padre: None now, but there was a shrine many years ago to which the people came to pray to Santa Guadalupe at Easter.

    Cookie Bullfincher: Sure, Padre, I remember. On your side of the border near some rimrock!

  • Taffy Baker: Come on, Cookie! Can't you go any faster?

    Cookie Bullfincher: Not without a pilot's license, I can't!

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