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Detective Leonard Kantor Quotes:

  • Detective Leonard Kantor: OK now, listen carefully,Dr. Lorca, he was arrested earlier today, he told the police that you helped him steal the freak from Mr. Lazar here.

    Elvina: That, that fucker.

    Detective Leonard Kantor: He told the police that you were the one that stuck a gun in Mr. Lazar's face, and left him handcuffed to a tree.

    Elvina: Not-uh, not me, all I did was I...

    Detective Leonard Kantor: He said the whole thing was your idea.

    Elvina: Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God.

    Detective Leonard Kantor: I'm sorry baby, but it looks like jail for you.

    Detective Leonard Kantor: Doc's a respective man, you're... not, he's cutting a deal right now, you know it'll go a lot easier if you were to just, if you just confess!

    Elvina: No, no, I swear on my honor, cross my heart and hope to die, all I did was just tell him about, about the specimen, I didn't know nothin else.

    Belinda Yost: And I put up with your typing for three years, because I thought you were too stupid to stab me in the back, you're fired, you're fired from everywhere, you're fired from the fucking universe.

    Elvina: Huh?

    Detective Leonard Kantor: The police don't know anything about Dr. Lorca, I lied to you.

    Elvina: Yeah, yeah


    Elvina: , well, well, I lied to you too

    [Ms. Yost slaps her]

    Elvina: , Ow.

    Belinda Yost: You ungrateful little poon-dog.

    Elvina: Well, it was all your fault, you broke your word to Dr. Lorca, he was supposed to have first dibs

    Belinda Yost: And what are you? defender of the fucking public morals?

    Elvina: You're an evil corrupt person,

    [then turns her attention to Detective Kantor]

    Elvina: she takes drugs, she doesn't wear any panties, she, she, she has sex in her office with all these men all on her desk.

    Belinda Yost: You ungrateful little poodle.

    [pushes Elvina into a chair and starts slapping her]

    Detective Leonard Kantor: Ladies, ladies, ladies, fucking ladies knock it off!

    [he pulls Ms. Yost off of Elvina]

    Detective Leonard Kantor: Ms. Yost, hey Ms. Yost, normally, I'm all in for a good cat-fight, but seeing how you're paying me a 160 dollars an hour for my time, you might want to consider calling this one a draw for right now.

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