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Desiree Quotes:

  • Otegui: I don't want to disturb you, but I'm worried about Desiree's Mother's Day drawing.

    Desiree: It's Mama.

    Tina: Let me see. How pretty. I see she smokes. She has a cigar in her mouth.

    Desiree: It's not a cigar. It's a turd.

    Otegui: It's a turd. I'd like to speak to the art teacher.

    Tina: He quit last month.

    Otegui: Another one? How many is that?

    Tina: I don't know.

    Otegui: Eight. We've been keeping track.

  • Désirée: Okay, I've been thinking about this a lot since the last time I saw you. What I want to tell you is, um, I think hat your doing and what you are is really brave. And the fact that you're acting on it, you know, like its revolutionary. All these ideas poeple have about, like, aging and beauty and what makes a person desirable, like, you're going against that. You're fighting against nature. And, do you see how radical that is?

  • Désirée: Shoplifting is always revolutionary.

  • Désirée: "Woman is the nigger of the world." What? Yoko Ono.

  • Désirée: You're amazing. You're always taking care of other people.

    Lake: What do you mean?

    Désirée: I don't know. You're always picking up after Marie and you like giving old men sponge baths.

  • Desiree: You've just taken your first step towards finding your perfect partner.

  • Runaway: [another girl throws up] You don't got any Dilaudid shoved up your ass to stop her from doing that?

    Allison: Uh, no.

    Runaway: [she and Desiree stand up and face Allison] Positive?

    Allison: [with a fake smile] You can check if you like.

    Desiree: [laughs and hits Runaway in the shoulder]

    Runaway: [walking away] Yeah, in your dreams!

    Female Cop #2: [Female Cop opens the door] Allison Lange?

    Allison: Yeah?

    Female Cop #2: Your parents are here.

    [Runaway gives Allison an envious look]

    Desiree: [as Allison stands up to leave, Desiree comes over and confronts her and points at her incredulously] Bitch got parents?

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