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David Wilkerson Quotes:

  • Nicky Cruz: You come near me and I'll kill you!

    David Wilkerson: Yeah, you could do that. You could cut me up into a thousand pieces and lay them in the street, and every piece will still love you.

  • David Wilkerson: [Last Lines] You can take it from this skinny preacher from the hills of Pennsylvania; The cross is mightier than the switchblade.

  • David Wilkerson: You wouldn't be afraid to shake hands with a skinny preacher, would you?

  • Big Cat: Tell me, Preach. This God of yours, does he rumble?

    David Wilkerson: Yeah... Yeah, he rumbles. He's fighting for you right now.

  • Mr. Gomez: What miracle brings such a fine young man to our troubled streets?

    David Wilkerson: Miracle? I was begining to think it was pure insanity. But you people... you make me believe it was something good.

  • Lawyer: What makes you think they will let these kids go?

    David Wilkerson: I've got a whole church back in Phillipsburg praying for them.

    Lawyer: [everyone Laughs at David] Well, they'd better be praying, because the D.A. will burn those creeps.

  • David Wilkerson: Jesus Christ was perfect and they crucified him!

  • Little Bo: Hey, he wants to meet the gang. Why don't you take him inside?

    Angela: I can't. Mau-Maus are waiting for a war council with the Bishops. My brother's inside.

    David Wilkerson: It's all right, Bo. We'll go in.

    Little Bo: Now wait a minute, I don't know. Like I said, I'm a loner. I swing from one gang to another, they might not like it.

    Angela: You're just afraid they might cut you.

    Little Bo: Oh go on, take him in!

    Angela: Anh-anh. I ain't gonna get bawled out... unless you give me five dollars.

    Little Bo: C'mon, you can turn him loose once he's inside the door.

    Angela: Five dollars is my price.

    Little Bo: [pulls David away to talk in privacy] Five dollars is this chick's top dollar. For that you get two joints of marijuana, her body AND two bits change.

    David Wilkerson: Should I give her some money?

    Little Bo: Two bucks top.

    [David reaches for his wallet]

    Little Bo: You better make it three, you don't wanna insult her pride...

    [they walk back to Angela]

    Little Bo: Cat could only swing two.

    Little Bo: [hands Angela two dollars while she keeps one for herself]

  • David Wilkerson: Some of you are so blind that you're heading for a ditch and you don't even know it.

  • Rosa: Hey Preach, this god of yours... What's he gonna do for me? I'm a mainliner. You know, the hot stuff. Heroin! A whole mountain of snow white. That's heaven. What have you got? huh?

    David Wilkerson: I-I don't have any magic cure.

    Rosa: Then what did you come here for?

  • Delano: You've been working with a bad bunch of apples, and you've got them smiling!

    David Wilkerson: I don't see Nicky smiling.

  • Little Bo: This turf belongs to the AAAGP. They don't rumble anyhow, they just freak out.

    David Wilkerson: What's the AAAGP?

    Little Bo: That's the 'American Association for the Advancement of Gangs and Pot'.

  • David Wilkerson: Rosa, if you really want Nicky, you're gonna have to get yourself clean.

    Rosa: I want ten bucks! And you're gonna give it to me or I'll cut you!

  • David Wilkerson: Bo, do you believe in God?

    Little Bo: [laughs] I don't worry about him. I just worry about the pigs and hustlin' for bread.

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