David Whitlock Quotes in Fire in the Sky (1993)


David Whitlock Quotes:

  • David Whitlock: Forgive us, Father, for what we've done.

  • Buck: You got something you wanna say to me?

    Mike Rogers: Go sit down, Buck.

    Buck: You boys wanna remedy this, we can step outside right now.

    David Whitlock: [jumps up from his seat] You got kiddin' me, you fat piece of shit!

  • Mike Rogers: Let's go.

    David Whitlock: Where we goin'?

    Mike Rogers: To find Dallis.

    David Whitlock: Dallis? I thought you don't know where he is.

    Mike Rogers: I lied.

  • Allan Dallis: I heard what's been happenin' in that stupid little Mormon town of yours. I told you chuckle heads that story was never gonna work, didn't I.

    David Whitlock: Well, you know they took away our logging contract, Dallis? Do you know that, huh?

    Allan Dallis: Well that figures. They're all a bunch of chicken shit assholes.

    Mike Rogers: Yeah, well, speakin' of chicken shit, where you been?

    Allan Dallis: I been around. You knew where to find me, didn't you, Mike.

    David Whitlock: Davis and Watters are lookin' for you, Dallis. They know about your criminal record. They know that you lied about how you hurt your hand. They know that you're full of it...

    Allan Dallis: Yeah, well, you're just full of information today, aren't you, choirboy.

    David Whitlock: Well, it don't make us look good went you don't...

    Allan Dallis: [starts to argue with him]

    David Whitlock: No it don't, Dallis! It don't!

  • Allan Dallis: [to Mike] You know, they don't need a body to press murder charges. Did you know that?

    [turns to Dave]

    Allan Dallis: Did you know that? Huh? And they ain't never gonna find Travis. And you know that and I know it, right? So then all the pressure's gonna be on Davis and Watters to solve the case. And who do you think they're gonna zero in on, huh?

    [to Dave]

    Allan Dallis: What, you, choirboy, huh? God'll send a swarm of locusts down on them.

    [to Mike]

    Allan Dallis: And you, uh, Mr. pillar of the community. No, I don't think so. No, the question is, how long before you boys decide to save your lily-white asses and point the finger at me.

    David Whitlock: That's a load of crud.

    Allan Dallis: No, that's exactly...

    David Whitlock: [shouts over him] That's a load!

    Allan Dallis: the way it's gonna be!

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