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  • Benzi: [to Momo] You're nothing but a shit.

  • Momo: What you afraid of, stick around, man, maybe you'll get laid.

    Benzi: Not with freaks like that.

    Momo: Their not so bad.

    Benzi: You mean you could screw those two over there?

    Momo: If Huey can do it, I bet you can too.

    Benzi: Oh bullshit, Huey doesn't even know what screwing's all about.

  • Benzi: It ain't no dick, it's more like a monster.

  • Yudale: [Benji's staring at Nicki] You'll strain your eye balls pal.

    Benzi: Do you know her?

    Yudale: Who the four eyed broad?

    Benzi: No, the other one, turkey!

    Yudale: That's Nicki.

    Benzi: Nicki?

    Yudale: Yeah, a new babe in town.

  • Benji's Mother: Benji, what are you doing there?

    Benzi: Baking a cake.

    Benji's Mother: Turn that radio down immediatly, do you think you live alone?

    Benzi: Ah, stop your nagging.

    Benji's Mother: Don't talk to me like that, better remember I'm your mother.

  • Benzi: You tell her that I love her forever more.

    Yudale: Sure Benny, I'll tell her that your love is highly spiritual.

  • Momo: [about Nicki] Why I copped her cherry.

    Benzi: What?

    Momo: I screwed her, didn't I.

    Benzi: Your lying!

    Momo: I took her in a boat, honest I did, and I fucked her, alright.

  • Benzi: I love you Nikki, from the first day, but I didn't know how to tell you, I love you Nikki and I know it's forever, I love you Nikki.

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