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Adam Dynes Quotes:

  • Adam Dynes: So, what's your favorite animal?

    Molly Taylor: My favorite mammal is the dolphin. I got to swim with them last year in Hawaii.

    Adam Dynes: You know, the dolphin is the only animal to actually, uh...

    Molly Taylor: ...have sex for fun? I know.

    Adam Dynes: That's why they're in my top five.

  • Adam Dynes: There's only one thing girls want more than professional athletes - rock stars.

  • Adam Dynes: [in the confessional] Father, do you ever wonder what it would be like to have a normal life?

    Father Bailey: If by "normal life" you mean finding my soulmate, falling in love, and she's kind and nurturing and she loves me just as much as I love her, in spite of my flaws, and we get married and have children, and... and I coach my son's baseball team and one day walk my daughter down the aisle - they have kids and so we're grandparents - and then we retire early and I buy one of those huge RV's, like at least a sixty-footer, with satellite TV, and we travel around the whole country together... no, I... I've never thought of that. Besides, I have you kids to take care of. So, what's up?

  • Honest Girl: Nobody will be, like, honest with me like you will. Are we really over?

    Adam Dynes: Honestly... you're kind of slutty and annoying - but I'll call you if I ever get lonely.

    Honest Girl: You're irresistible.

  • Adam Dynes: Okay, look, I don't care if you do like her. You just went out with her last night. You do not call her for four days.

    Chester: Come on...

    Adam Dynes: Not-not-not four days, all right? After four days you don't call her, she'll be excited.

  • Molly Taylor: Do lines like that usually work?

    Adam Dynes: B'ah... Well, I've... I've experienced a fair amount of success with them, yes.

  • Dudley: Ever take a dump naked?

    Chester: I sleep naked.

    Dudley: It's liberating.

    Adam Dynes: Ah, good to hear the usual intellectual banter.

  • Molly Taylor: Tell me this is a coincidence.

    Adam Dynes: No, no, it's penance.

  • Adam Dynes: You're the most amazing girl I've ever met, so, um, tonight I thought we could get a little closer.

    Molly Taylor: Adam, we've talked about this.

    Adam Dynes: Yeah, that's all we ever do is talk about it. I think I've been really patient with you.

    Molly Taylor: Patient? You think you've been "patient" with me?

  • Adam Dynes: She seems like a good time.

  • Chester: I get so nervous around that girl. Why is that?

    Adam Dynes: Hm. Grow a pair, will you?

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