Winnie Quotes in Airport 1975 (1974)


Winnie Quotes:

  • Winnie: Oh, it's so beautiful!

    Gloria Swanson: Every morning is beautiful, you're just too young to know!

  • Nancy Pryor: Miss Swanson, would you like something from the bar?

    Gloria Swanson: No I have my own, tea.

    Nancy Pryor: Miss Griffith?

    Winnie: Yes a Martini please.

  • Winnie: You're going too fast!

    Dragon Mi Yong: You'll drive me mad!

  • Harvey: For our wedding day, I bought her the best set of whitewalls.

    Winnie: We wore off the treads on our honeymoon.

    Dusty Crophopper: Yeah, ohh...

    Winnie: Driving!

  • Winnie: [on seeing Eggs scratching his crotch] NO! Don't scratch those in public! That's why they're called privates!

  • Winnie: When you meet someone you must look them in the eye and shake hands

    [a confused Eggs does jazz hands]

    Winnie: What are you doing?

  • Winnie: BoxTroll Exterminators? They live down in Curds Way.

    Eggs: How do I get there?

    Winnie: Curds Way?

    [pointing at street sign]

    Winnie: Milk turns into it.

    [rimshot is heard]

  • Winnie: [When Eggs states his a boxtroll] Oh... really? Then lets see you fit into your box!

    Eggs: Err... I can't right now

    Winnie: [nods head] Ummhmm

    Eggs: I'm long boned

  • Winnie: Where are the rivers of blood, and the mountains of bones? I was promised rivers of blood!

  • Winnie: You bit me. With your mouth.

  • Winnie: You're the worst pickpocket I've ever seen.

    [Gives Eggs a coin]

    Winnie: Here. Buy a book on how to be a better thief.

  • Winnie: [on seeing Eggs rubbing his crotch] No!... You don't scratch there in public. That's why they're called


    Winnie: privates.

  • Winnie: [Eggs keeps denying he's not a boxtroll] Oh for goodness sake... give me your hand

    [Eggs flinches]

    Winnie: I... don't bite

    Eggs: [as Winnie removes the bandages to his hands] Hey

    Winnie: [compares Eggs' hand to a boxtrolls] SEE! You're not one of them

    [places her hand against his softly]

    Winnie: You're one of us... you're a boy eggs

  • Winnie: [Eggs is examining himself, having been dressed in fancy clothes] There... you look more like a proper boy now

    Eggs: [thrilled] ME... A proper boy!

  • Winnie: Allright first things first... off with the box

    [Eggs gulps cutting to all the boxtrolls screaming]

    Winnie: Stop that... RIGHT NOW!

  • Winnie: [witnessing Pee-Wee and Gina sharing a long kiss] Pee-Wee!

    Gina Piccolapupula: Who is that?

    Pee-wee: Her? Oh, she's my fiancée.

    [Gina slaps Pee-Wee and takes off]

  • [from a TV Spot]

    Winnie: Dennis I love you

    [knocks him to the floor]

    Winnie: ZING

    Dennis: [gets to his feet] Hi Winnie

    Winnie: [climbs onto his head] I just love your yummy strawberry locks

    [lifts him over her head and throws him onto the floor]

    Winnie: ZING... ZING!

    Dennis: Woahh

    [laughs as she licks him]

  • Winnie: [to Dennis] No you're perfect. You're the nicest boy I know and I have 300 brothers!

  • Winnie: Buckle up, boys.

  • Jesse: Do you remember when I told you that I was 104 years old?

    [Winnie nods]

    Jesse: Well... it's the honest truth.

    [Winnie looks confused]

    Jesse: I'm gonna live forever. I'm never gonna change. The same with Miles and Tuck and Mae. Something happened to us. I mean, as far as I know, I... I'm gonna be 17 until the end of the world. It's the spring, Winnie. Something's wrong with it. It stops you right where you are, if you'd had a drink of it today, you'd stay just like you are...

    [Both hear a rustling noise. They turn around to see Miles]

    Miles: Don't you wish he'd told you... before you kissed him? Did he tell you that immortality isn't all the preachers crack it up to be?

    Jesse: Hey, leave her alone, Miles!

    Miles: Well, now, you wanted her to hear it Jesse-boy. She's the first person you want to tell the truth to.

    Jesse: You just don't want me to have what you lost.

    Winnie: Stop this... both of you. Tell me... the truth... I wanna know.

    Miles: [Miles nods and walks over towards Jesse and Winnie] We all had a drink. Except for the cat, and that's important.

    [the rest of the monologue is told in flashbacks of what Miles is saying]

    Miles: The water tasted like... heaven. It floated over your tongue like a cloud. Tuck carved a T in the trunk and we moved on west to find a place to settle down. We put up a house for Mae and Tuck and a little shed for Jesse and me. That was the first time we figured there was something... peculiar. Jesse fell thirty feet and landed on is neck. He was up on his feet before Mae could work up a good cry. Didn't hurt him a bit, no broken bones... nothing. But that's not all... not by a long shot. Things began to happen. Some brush-poppers mistook Mae's horse for a deer. Thing is, the bullets didn't kill hime. Barely even left a mark. Then Tuck got bitten by a rattle snake, and you know what... he didn't die.


    Miles: But the cat did, of old age.

    [Somberly, touching the ring on his finger]

    Miles: And Miles got married.


    Miles: Bo. Little Anna.

    [Out loud]

    Miles: Tuck figured it early on. It was the spring. We all drank from it, even the horse. It had to be... the source of our changelessness. I begged her to come back... to me and find the spring and drink from it. The children, too. It was our only hope... to be together. She'd made up her mind that I'd... sold my soul to the devil. And she left me. She took my babies with her.

    [Angrily, with tears in his eyes]

    Miles: Everyone... pulled away after that. There was talk of witchcraft... and... black magic. I went lookin' for wars to fight... and I saw brave men die at Vera Cruz. And then Gettysburg. Thousands of them in the blink of an eye.


    Miles: But not me. I couldn't die. Like Little Anna. The influenza took her before she was fifteen. And Bo. He'd be almost eighty now if he were still alive. And my sweet... my sweet young bride. She died in an insame asylum. Old and alone. But I'm still here... I'm still here.

    [Unable to say any more, he just cries. We turn to Winnie, who is also crying. The screen fades to black]

  • Mrs. Foster: [while strapping Winnie into corset] You must suffer to be beautiful, so say the French.

    Winnie: Well the French are crazy.

  • Mrs. Foster: [calling from window] Winnifred!

    Winnie: [turns on side and starts talking to a toad] I need a new name. One that's not all worn out from being called so much.

  • Winnie: Jesse, don't let go!

    Jesse: It's ok, it's ok. There's no chance of that, Winnie Foster. I'll never let you go.

  • Winnie: I knew it! You're... you're bank robbers, or grifters.

    Jesse: You are the first human I've ever met, I wanted to know the truth.

    Winnie: Jesse Tuck, you're the first human I've ever met that I've ever wanted to... to...

    [Winnie leans in and kisses Jesse]

    Winnie: To do that.

  • Mrs. Foster: [at her mother's funeral] Every time I look at you, you're different. I'm losing you, too.

    Winnie: I'm right here.

    Mrs. Foster: Forgive me, Winnie. I just wanted to keep you my little girl forever.

  • Jesse: Hey, Winnie Foster. You asleep?

    Winnie: [groaning] Not anymore.

    Jesse: Good. How would you like to see, the Eiffel Tower?

    Winnie: What? Someday.

    Jesse: No, right now, this instant. While the day is still ours.

  • Jesse: You shouldn't be in these parts of the woods. It's best you turn around and go home.


    Jesse: Well, go on now, get!

    Winnie: Excuse me, but I own these woods and I'll go on an get when I want to.

  • Winnie: I don't wanna die; is that wrong?

    Angus Tuck: No. No human does. But it-it's part of the wheel... the same as being born.

  • Jesse: There it is.

    [Pointing to a mountain]

    Winnie: This is the Eiffel Tower?

    Jesse: The one in Paris - it's pretty tall. Mine is two feet higher.

    Winnie: [They start to climb the mountain] Have you really seen the real one in Paris?

    Jesse: Yes I have. And climbed 1.652 stairs to the top. Much easier than this. You doin' all right?

    Winnie: I think so

    Jesse: You're doin' great. Here

    [Gives her a helping hand]

    Winnie: If I went to the Eiffel Tower I would take one of those elevators.

    Jesse: Not with me! You'd take of your shoes and walk up every single, solitary step.

    Winnie: How old are you?

    Jesse: You really wanna know?

    Winnie: Yes.

    Jesse: 104

    Winnie: I'm serious.

    Jesse: So am I!

    [Thinks about it]

    Jesse: Let's just call it 17.

  • Winnie: I can't swim.

    Jesse: You're joshing me!

    Winnie: I wish I were.

    Jesse: So, you're afraid you'll drown, right? Swallow too much water, sink to the bottom and die!

    Winnie: Thank you for putting it so vividly, and yes, considering I'd sink like a rock, drowning is a fair concern!

    Jesse: Well, I guess I'm just gonna have to enjoy this all by myself.

  • Winnie: I'd be much abliged. But I want a drink first.

    Jesse: No. You can't drink that water. It's poisoned.

    Winnie: I saw you drink some.

    Jesse: Well, now I'm feeling sick.

    Winnie: You hardly look ill. I'm dry as dust.

  • [About the baby]

    Niles Perry: It's NOT gonna be a boy, it's gonna be a girl. I told ya!

    Rider: I KNOW you told me, but you don't say how you know!

    Torrie: He knows. Last year on Mother's birthday he predicted a storm, and what did we get?

    Niles Perry: Hail!

    Winnie: "Hail Columbia" is what somebody's gonna get if they don't eat. Eat!

  • Stevie: Then... then what... what are they there for, Winnie?

    Winnie: The police are there so as them as have nothing can't take nothing away from them as have a lot.

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