Mrs Devaney Quotes in Airport 1975 (1974)


Mrs Devaney Quotes:

  • Mrs. Patroni: Well, the first stewardess is at the controls, but she... she's in constant touch with the tower.


    Mrs. Patroni: [whispering] Would you please keep your voice down.

    Barney: S-s-sure...

    [Barney becomes hysterical]

    Barney: The stewardess is flying the plane. The stewardess...

    [Mrs Devanvey hands Barney a large Whiskey]

    Mrs Devaney: here...

    Barney: Thank you Mrs Devaney, but I don't drink.

    Mrs Devaney: [Looking confused] Well what difference does it make now?

    Barney: You're right.

    [Barney takes drink from Mrs Devaney and takes gulp of Whiskey]

    Barney: No difference.

  • Bill: That's enough of that for you. The convention's over. I want you to taper off.

    Bill: No more!

    Sam: You should've stuck to the Blue Nun.

    Arnie: We've got a plane to catch, Sammy boy!

    Bill: [Drunk] We've got a plane!

    Arnie: Bartender, another one all around.

    Bill: No more!

    Sam: [sings] California here I come right back where!

    [Glass shatters - Mrs Devaney has her drinking glass knocked out of her hand at the airport by Sam]

    Sam: I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. Oh excuse me...

    Bill: Oh Sammy! I'm sorry he's a little sloshed. You know what I mean?... Listen, we'd like to buy you a drink.

    Mrs. Devaney: Well, maybe a little bourbon on the rocks.

    Bill: You got it. Nurse, bourbon on the rocks for the lady, please.

    Mrs. Devaney: With a small beer chaser.

    Arnie: Jesus Christ, a boilermaker.

  • [Mrs Devaney talks to a very worried passenger seated next to her]

    Mrs. Devaney: You're a tiny bit nervous aren't you?

    [man nods his head]

    Mrs. Devaney: I know. I've flown thousands of miles under very difficult circumstances, I assure you, you have nothing to worried about.

    [Man frantically tries to undo his seat belt, Mrs Devaney assists]

    Mrs. Devaney: May I?

    [Man rushes to lavatory]

  • Barney: Mrs Devaney? Mrs Devaney?

    Mrs. Devaney: Er, yes?

    Barney: Salt Lake City could be very good for you. It's dry there you know?

    Mrs. Devaney: DRY?

  • Mrs Devaney: Miss?

    Nancy Pryor: You need something?

    Mrs Devaney: I feel a little queasy. The altitude I guess. I'll have a bourbon... with a beer chaser.

    Barney: Uh. Miss Devaney. Do you know what you just ordered? They call those boiler makers.

    Mrs Devaney: I know.

    Nancy Pryor: A bourbon with a beer chaser.

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