Alex Furlong Quotes in Freejack (1992)


Alex Furlong Quotes:

  • Nun: [Aims shotgun at Alex] What are you and what are you doing here?

    Alex Furlong: I don't know what I am... or where.

    [Whispers to himself]

    Alex Furlong: Maybe I died. What was it they called me?

    Nun: Pathetic?

    Alex Furlong: No.

    [Looks up to her]

    Alex Furlong: A freejack.

    Nun: [Gasps] Holy shit.

  • Alex Furlong: How the hell do you eat river rat?

    Eagle Man: Well, first you gotta cut off the head and the tail, and then you gut it. Then it's all a matter of the sauce. You don't just plop down a rodent on a plate and say here's your river rat would you like red wine or white with 'em. Not that there's any wine around here anyway.

  • Alex Furlong: [Inebriated during a television interview] I know someone who's trying to bring me in. Goes by the name Vacendak.

    [Grabs interviewer's microphone]

    Alex Furlong: Well, I got a special message for you.

    [Imitating Arnold Schwarzenegger from Terminator]

    Alex Furlong: Fuck you, asshole!


    Alex Furlong: No one's bringing me in.

    [Knocks camera aside]

  • Alex Furlong: Give it up, Vacendak. You couldn't catch a cold. You couldn't catch the clap in a whorehouse!

  • Alex Furlong: What... no applause?

    Victor Vacendak: Show's not over yet.

  • Alex Furlong: How'm I doin'?

    Victor Vacendak: Not bad.

  • Newswoman: So how do you like it here?

    Alex Furlong: [drunk] I don't. Everybody's chasing me.

    Newswoman: What is it they all want?

    Alex Furlong: My body.

    Newswoman: Mmmm...

    [to the camera]

    Newswoman: self-absorbed type.

  • Alex Furlong: [Being pinned down by gunfire] We're trapped.

    Boone: What do you mean 'we', white man?


    Boone: Just kidding.

  • Alex Furlong: This your truck?

    Pickup Man: Company's.

    Alex Furlong: [Whips out firearm] Not anymore.

  • Alex Furlong: [Discussing the future of their relationship] What about us?

    Julie Redlund: "Us" was eighteen years ago.

    Alex Furlong: It's two days for me. Two days, Julie.

  • Alex Furlong: Man, if it's come down to this. What's the point?

    Eagle Man: He Riddles me. The ancient riddle: "What's the point?" Have you ever seen an eagle flying back to his home with dinner for the Mrs. and all the little eagle babies. And he's flying against the wind and he's flying in the rain and he's flying through bullets and all kinds of hell, and then right at that moment when he's about to get back to his nest, he says, "What the fuck, it's a drag being an eagle" and right then two little x'es comes across his eyes just like in the old fashion cartoons. And he goes plunging down, and down and down and BAM. He's just a splatter of feathers and then we don't have the national bird of America no more. Did you ever see that?

    Alex Furlong: No.

    Eagle Man: Me Neither. Eagle's got too much self-respect. How's yours?

    Time Travel Technician #1: I wouldn't dance to it, but that's a pulse.

  • Julie Redlund: Let him go Mac!

    Ian McCandless: Sorry, Ju it either him or me.

    Victor Vacendak: Too bad, I got used to him, I don't make a lot friends in this bussiness.

    Alex Furlong: Who said be friends.

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