Sister Ruth Quotes in Airport 1975 (1974)


Sister Ruth Quotes:

  • [in reference to Gloria Swanson at the Airport]

    Sister Ruth: Who is she Sister Beatrice, do you recognise her?

    [In a very disapproving tone]

    Sister Beatrice: I believe its one of those Hollywood persons.

    Sister Ruth: Oh, you mean an actress?

    Sister Beatrice: Or worse!

  • Gary: Would you hold this please, I'll take care of Miss Swanson. Good Evening, right this way please.

    Gloria Swanson: Thank you.

    Nancy Pryor: Good Evening Miss Swanson.

    Gloria Swanson: Good Evening. I mean, good morning!

    Gary: Right here, Miss Swanson.

    Gloria Swanson: [In reference to her bomb proof case] Oh yes, put it under my feet. Thank you very much.

    Gary: It's a pleasure to have with us, Miss Swanson. If there;s anything I can do for you, just let me know.

    Gloria Swanson: I shall.

    Sister Beatrice: Never mind her Sister, put your ticket away.

    Sister Ruth: Yes sister.

  • Sister Batril: One of us is not a stripper. One of us is a lyin' bitch who's fuckin' Montello, and now she's fuckin' all of us!

    Sister Ruth: Who are you callin' a bitch, you fuckin' ho?


    Sister Ruth: You couldn't table-dance your way out of a paper bag!

    Sister Batril: [gets out her gun] Ooh, you fuckin' mother-fucker!

    Kandi Kane: Hey, Sister Batril, relax!

    Sister Batril: She said I couldn't table -

    Kandi Kane: [cuts her] I know what she said! And I said relax. So put the gun away. I said put the gun away!

    Sister Batril: [does so] I could win a fuckin' Nobel Prize for table-dancing.

    Kandi Kane: Everybody has to keep our heads.

  • Sister Ruth: Sister, the schoolroom is overflowing with children. We've nothing unpacked yet. No one understands the language. There are too many of them anyway, and they all smell!

  • Sister Ruth: What can you do with them? They look very stupid to me. Remember, they can't speak a word of Hindustani, *or* English.

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