Gloria Swanson Quotes in Airport 1975 (1974)


Gloria Swanson Quotes:

  • Bill: This thing will never get off the ground. Never fly. Take my word for it.

    Gloria Swanson: Young man, you think this thing will not fly? In 1917 I was flying in something wilder than this. Do you know who the pilot was?

    Bill: Wiley Post?

    Gloria Swanson: [Chuckles] No. Cecil B. De Mille and we flew from Hollywood nonstop to Pasadena. Yes, and on the way home we did loop the loops so I could see the moon upside down.

  • Gloria Swanson: The mountains - we're so close!

  • [securing items in her bomb-proof case]

    Gloria Swanson: To hell with the jewelry, let's put my book in here!

  • Gloria Swanson: Oh. My jewel case. It's bomb proofed, the insurance people insisted upon it. Oh. My idea of heaven is never to have to pack or unpack. Why didn't I think of that before. Here. Here. You know what? The hell with the jewelry let's put my book in here. Thank you. Here you are my darlings, it's all yours - I never wanted to have the damn thing published when I was alive anyway.

  • Gloria Swanson: I guess everyone had given up hope including the Doctors. Nobody expected me to live, but then I've never done anything I was expected to do.

  • Gloria Swanson: Do you know that my first trip to California took five days? So if we have to spend a weekend in Salt Lake, we're still ahead!

  • Gloria Swanson: life's a surprise, one surprise after another.

    Mr. Kelly: You look lovely Miss Swanson.

    Gloria Swanson: Thank you Mr Kelly. Imagine getting gussied up like this to watch a lot of Supreme Court judges chew.

  • Winnie: Oh, it's so beautiful!

    Gloria Swanson: Every morning is beautiful, you're just too young to know!

  • [Recalling her days being a rebel with other actresses against studio pressure in Hollywood, while on the plane]

    Gloria Swanson: That's easy, Carole Lombard and Grace Moore, I was a rebel too.

  • Gary: Would you hold this please, I'll take care of Miss Swanson. Good Evening, right this way please.

    Gloria Swanson: Thank you.

    Nancy Pryor: Good Evening Miss Swanson.

    Gloria Swanson: Good Evening. I mean, good morning!

    Gary: Right here, Miss Swanson.

    Gloria Swanson: [In reference to her bomb proof case] Oh yes, put it under my feet. Thank you very much.

    Gary: It's a pleasure to have with us, Miss Swanson. If there;s anything I can do for you, just let me know.

    Gloria Swanson: I shall.

    Sister Beatrice: Never mind her Sister, put your ticket away.

    Sister Ruth: Yes sister.

  • Nancy Pryor: Miss Swanson, would you like something from the bar?

    Gloria Swanson: No I have my own, tea.

    Nancy Pryor: Miss Griffith?

    Winnie: Yes a Martini please.

  • [in reference to Janice Abbott arriving on the stretcher]

    Gloria Swanson: Oh how bless I am, three children, seven grandchildren and all healthy thank God!

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