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Sam Craig Quotes:

  • Sam Craig: [Sam and Tess are both mildly drunk. Tess's head is resting on Sam] There's something I have to get off my chest...

    Tess Harding: [starts to get up] I'm too heavy...

    Sam Craig: [smiles] No. I love you.

    Tess Harding: You do?

    Sam Craig: Positive.

    Tess Harding: [sighs] That's nice. Even when I'm sober?

    Sam Craig: Even when you're brilliant.

  • Tess Harding: [attending a baseball game] You mean our paper sends two people to cover the game?

    Phil Whittaker: No, I cover the game, he just kicks it around in his column.

    Tess Harding: We've got only one man at Vichy...

    Sam Craig: Vichy, are they still in the league?

  • Tess Harding: [In the stands at the ballpark, observing the large crowd in attendance] Are all these people unemployed?

    Sam Craig: No, they're all attending their grandmother's funeral.

  • Sam Craig: [in front of the airport] Could I drop you someplace, Miss Whitcomb?

    Ellen Whitcomb: You can drop that "Miss Whitcomb."

  • Tess Harding: I'm going to be you wife. You don't think that I can do the little ordinary things that any idiot can do, do you?

    Sam Craig: No.

    Tess Harding: Why not?

    Sam Craig: Because you're incapable of doing them, that's why. You can't expect Seabiscuit to stop in the middle of the stretch, drink a glass of water, and count to seven at the same time, you know. That takes training.

    Tess Harding: Well, I'm not Seabiscuit.

  • Sam Craig: [on his and Tess's very short wedding ceremony] No one will ever believe we were married sober.

  • Tess Harding: Sam, why can't we sit down like adults and patch this thing up?

    Sam Craig: I'm afraid that might become a habit. Then we'd wind up with a patchwork quilt for a marriage.

  • Sam Craig: I don't want to be married to Tess Harding any more than I want you to be just Mrs Sam Craig. Why can't you be Tess Harding Craig?

    Tess Harding: I think it's a wonderful name.

  • [last lines]

    Sam Craig: I've just launched Gerald.

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