Pilot (Foreign Military Plane) Quotes in Die Hard 2 (1990)


Pilot (Foreign Military Plane) Quotes:

  • [Esperanza's plane has appeared; Stuart impersonates the control tower to talk to the plane]

    Col. Stuart: Dulles Tower, Foxtrot Michael One. Dulles Tower, Foxtrot Michael One.

    Pilot (Foreign Military Plane): This is Foxtrot Michael One, Dulles. We read you, over.

    Col. Stuart: Foxtrot Michael One, you are to come in on Runway 1-5. I repeat: 1-5.

    [In the back of the plane, Esperanza strangles and kills his guard; cuts to McClane and Marvin in the basement]

    Marvin: [about the radio he lifted from one of Stuart's henchmen] I found it on the floor next to the luggage belt. What the hell are you so excited about?

    John McClane: The code's still punched into this one.

    Marvin: You like it, huh? How 'bout you give me twenty bucks for it.

    John McClane: How 'bout I let you live?

    Marvin: Man knows how to barter.

    [Cuts back to the pilots of Esperanza's plane]

    Pilot (Foreign Military Plane): This is contrary to our instructions. We are to land at Runway 1-0, where we are to be met by representatives of your Justice Dep...

    [He is interrupted by the sound of someone cocking a pistol, and turns around to see Esperanza pointing a gun at his head]

    Gen. Ramon Esperanza: Captain, please tell the tower you will proceed as ordered.

    [the pilot looks at his co-pilot, then back at Esperanza, then finally speaks into his headset]

    Pilot (Foreign Military Plane): Roger, Dulles. Proceeding to Runway 1-5.

    [the co-pilot immediately grabs for the gun. As he struggles with Esperanza, he is shot in the chest, while another errant shot goes through the cockpit window; the resulting noise startles Stuart in the church and Trudeau in the control tower]

    Col. Stuart: Foxtrot Michael One, come in please.

    [In the plane, Esperanza trains his gun on the pilot again]

    Pilot (Foreign Military Plane): What are you gonna do now? You gonna shoot me? Then who would fly the plane?

    Gen. Ramon Esperanza: [smiles] Don't worry about it. It's not your problem.

    [He shoots and kills the pilot, then takes the pilot's seat. He pulls out a radio transceiver and presses the descrambler code]

    Gen. Ramon Esperanza: Eagle Nest, this is Falcon, Mayday. Eagle Nest, this is Falcon, mayday.

    [Hearing Esperanza communicating over the radio instead of over the tower frequency, Garber hands Stuart a radio]

    Col. Stuart: Go ahead, Falcon.

    Gen. Ramon Esperanza: I've lost cabin pressure. Near zero visibility. I must get out of the storm, and land now, on the first accessible runway.

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