Pilot (Windsor Flight 114) Quotes in Die Hard 2 (1990)


Pilot (Windsor Flight 114) Quotes:

  • [Stuart has had Thompson recalibrate the ILS landing system]

    Col. Stuart: [adapting a slight disguise to his voice] Windsor Flight 1-1-4, this is Dulles Approach. Do you copy?

    Pilot (Windsor Flight 114): Dulles Approach, this is Windsor 1-1-4. Where the devil have you been?

    Col. Stuart: Roger, 1-1-4, Dulles Approach. We've been right here all along, old man. Our systems only came back online just this very second. Windsor 1-1-4, you are cleared for ILS approach to Runway Two-Niner. Contact Dulles Tower frequency at the outer marker.

    [On the Skywalk, McClane runs over to the windows]

    John McClane: Jesus Christ, he's gonna crash the fucking plane!

    Pilot (Windsor Flight 114): Roger, Approach, it's about time. I've got 230 people up here flying on petrol fumes.

    Col. Stuart: Roger, 1-1-4, understand. Calibrate Dulles Altimeter setting Two-Niner-Niner-Two.

    John McClane: Why are they listening to him?

    Chief Engineer Leslie Barnes: It's our frequency! Why shouldn't they?

    [On the plane, the captain speaks into the intercom]

    Pilot (Windsor Flight 114): Ladies and gentlemen, as you've probably noticed, we've started our descent. We're sorry for the inconvenience but we'll all be on the ground in a few minutes.

    [the passengers applaud and stewardesses start moving through the cabin doing a seatbelt check]

    Stewardess (Windsor Flight 114): [to one passenger] Oh not to worry, we've made arrangements for your next flight so you won't miss it.

    [to a straggler]

    Stewardess (Windsor Flight 114): In your seat, please. Come on, in your seat.

    [kneels next to an anxious old woman]

    Stewardess (Windsor Flight 114): Oh, hey. We're just like British Rail, luv: we may be late but we get you there.

    [On the Skywalk, Barnes uses a painter's uniform to lower McClane down to the tarmac]

    Chief Engineer Leslie Barnes: Good luck, McClane!

    [McClane grabs two pipes and a lighter and heads for the runway. When he gets over there, he puts small pieces of fabric from the uniform onto the ends of the pipes and lights them. On the plane, the outer marker light comes on]

    Pilot (Windsor Flight 114): Dulles, this is Windsor 1-1-4 inside the outer marker.

    [Stuart begins communicating with them again, this time using his own voice]

    Col. Stuart: Roger one-fourteen. This is Dulles Tower. We have radar contact and show you on ILS. You're in the glide path and looking good.

    [McClane starts waving his improvised torches, as the pilots start landing procedures]

    Pilot (Windsor Flight 114): Approach flaps.

    [the co-pilot presses the button to deploy the flaps]

    Co-Pilot (Windsor Flight 114): Approach flaps.

    Pilot (Windsor Flight 114): Approach speed 130.

    [the co-pilot copies him]

    Co-Pilot (Windsor Flight 114): Approach speed 130. Altitude 1,000 feet.

    [a few seconds later]

    Co-Pilot (Windsor Flight 114): Ref speed +20. 600 feet.

    Col. Stuart: Looking good Windsor. Now watch it - 30 knot crosswinds and the runway is icy. Attaboy, we've got ya. We've got ya...

    [McClane waves his torches more aggressively as the plane flies over his head]

    John McClane: Pull up!

    [the pilots come out of the fog and suddenly see the runway right underneath them]

    Pilot (Windsor Flight 114)Co-Pilot (Windsor Flight 114): Jesus!

    [the plane hits the ground with a slight bank to the right, causing the landing gear to collapse. As the belly of the plane skids down the runway, sparks ignite the ruptured fuel tanks, which explode. McClane dives to the ground. The pilots' screams are audible on Stuart's systems]

    Col. Stuart: We've got ya.

    [a fireball engulfs the plane as burning debris hurtles down the runway. As the debris settles, McClane gets to his feet]

    John McClane: Motherfucker!

    [Dead silence in the church; Stuart picks up the phone]

    Col. Stuart: That concludes our object lesson for this evening. If the 747 we requested is ready on time and General Esperanza's plane arrives unmolested, further lessons can be avoided. Out.

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