Gen. Ramon Esperanza Quotes in Die Hard 2 (1990)


Gen. Ramon Esperanza Quotes:

  • Gen. Ramon Esperanza: [Esperanza has landed the plane and steps outside] Freedom!

    John McClane: [punches him] Not yet!

    John McClane: [draws his gun on Esperanza] You're supposed to stay in your seat until the plane reaches the terminal. No frequent flier mileage for you.

    Gen. Ramon Esperanza: Who are you?

    John McClane: A cop.

    Gen. Ramon Esperanza: A cop?

    John McClane: Yeah. One of the good guys. You see, you're one of the bad guys, and now that I got your sorry ass, I'm gonna trade it for my wife.

  • [Stuart's men arrive in their car to pick up Esperanza; Kahn has barricaded McClane in the cockpit]

    Gen. Ramon Esperanza: Where the hell is Colonel Stuart?

    Kahn: Come on, General!

    [He helps Esperanza out of the airplane; Stuart runs over to him]

    Colonel Stuart: [noticing Esperanza's shoulder wound] General!

    Gen. Ramon Esperanza: [shoving Stuart's arm away] I'm all right! He said he was a policeman! I thought you had this place secured!

    Kahn: He went in the cockpit.

    Colonel Stuart: He's going to hell!

    [raises his voice]

    Colonel Stuart: McClane! I assume it's you, McClane! You're quite a little soldier! You can consider this a military funeral!

    [McClane tries to open the cockpit door, which jams against the rescue axe used to secure it. At this point, Stuart, Esperanza, Garber and Kahn open fire on the plane, spraying up the nose of the aircraft with bullets]

  • [Esperanza's plane has appeared; Stuart impersonates the control tower to talk to the plane]

    Col. Stuart: Dulles Tower, Foxtrot Michael One. Dulles Tower, Foxtrot Michael One.

    Pilot (Foreign Military Plane): This is Foxtrot Michael One, Dulles. We read you, over.

    Col. Stuart: Foxtrot Michael One, you are to come in on Runway 1-5. I repeat: 1-5.

    [In the back of the plane, Esperanza strangles and kills his guard; cuts to McClane and Marvin in the basement]

    Marvin: [about the radio he lifted from one of Stuart's henchmen] I found it on the floor next to the luggage belt. What the hell are you so excited about?

    John McClane: The code's still punched into this one.

    Marvin: You like it, huh? How 'bout you give me twenty bucks for it.

    John McClane: How 'bout I let you live?

    Marvin: Man knows how to barter.

    [Cuts back to the pilots of Esperanza's plane]

    Pilot (Foreign Military Plane): This is contrary to our instructions. We are to land at Runway 1-0, where we are to be met by representatives of your Justice Dep...

    [He is interrupted by the sound of someone cocking a pistol, and turns around to see Esperanza pointing a gun at his head]

    Gen. Ramon Esperanza: Captain, please tell the tower you will proceed as ordered.

    [the pilot looks at his co-pilot, then back at Esperanza, then finally speaks into his headset]

    Pilot (Foreign Military Plane): Roger, Dulles. Proceeding to Runway 1-5.

    [the co-pilot immediately grabs for the gun. As he struggles with Esperanza, he is shot in the chest, while another errant shot goes through the cockpit window; the resulting noise startles Stuart in the church and Trudeau in the control tower]

    Col. Stuart: Foxtrot Michael One, come in please.

    [In the plane, Esperanza trains his gun on the pilot again]

    Pilot (Foreign Military Plane): What are you gonna do now? You gonna shoot me? Then who would fly the plane?

    Gen. Ramon Esperanza: [smiles] Don't worry about it. It's not your problem.

    [He shoots and kills the pilot, then takes the pilot's seat. He pulls out a radio transceiver and presses the descrambler code]

    Gen. Ramon Esperanza: Eagle Nest, this is Falcon, Mayday. Eagle Nest, this is Falcon, mayday.

    [Hearing Esperanza communicating over the radio instead of over the tower frequency, Garber hands Stuart a radio]

    Col. Stuart: Go ahead, Falcon.

    Gen. Ramon Esperanza: I've lost cabin pressure. Near zero visibility. I must get out of the storm, and land now, on the first accessible runway.

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