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Petrie Quotes:

  • Petrie: World domination? That means Fu Manchu!

  • Littlefoot: Cera, it's you! What happened? Why are you so frightened?

    Cera: Frightened? Me?


    Cera: Why are you so frightened?

    Littlefoot: We're not frightened. Are we?

    Ducky: Nope, nope.

    Cera: Well, you should be. I was going back to the other three-horns, but I chose to come back to warn you... I met... the Sharp Tooth!

    Petrie: [screams] Sharp Tooth!

    [jumps onto Littlefoot frightened]

    Littlefoot: Come on, Cera. Sharp Tooth is dead. He fell down into the big underground.

    Cera: [in a deeper tone] And *that's*... where he met me!

    Ducky: Oh. Dear brave Cera.

    Petrie: Dear brave Cera.

    Cera: Yes. I am brave.

    Littlefoot: [annoyed] Sharp Tooth is dead!

    Cera: My father told me that Flatheads have very small brains!

  • Littlefoot: [to Petrie on his head] Are you just gonna stay up there?

    Petrie: Yes!

    Littlefoot: Well, you can't. You're tearing my tree star!

    Ducky: It is very special. Very. His mother gave it to him. She did.

    Petrie: Ooh. Mother present. Very important. Ooh, yes. I can save it. I'll let nobody touch it!

    Ducky: Yeah, Petrie. You keep it safe. Yep, yep, yep.

    Littlefoot: Nope, nope, nope. I'm not a carrier. Get off! You're a flyer, now start flying.

    Ducky: Open your wings, Petrie! Open! Open!

    Petrie: No! No! I can not do this!

    Littlefoot: You can fly! Now open your skinny wings!

  • Petrie: You've got a nice flat head, Flat Head.

  • Littlefoot: Do you smell something?

    Petrie: [Ducky's on his head] I... I smell... I smell... I smell... hmm... Ducky.

    Ducky: You smell me? Ha ha!

  • Petrie: I fly?

    Ducky: No, you falled.

    Petrie: I FALL?

    Ducky: You cannot fly? But how did you get way up there?

    Petrie: I climb.

    Littlefoot: But you are a flyer, not a faller.

    Petrie: Hard thing, to fly.

    [imitates a shot down airplane]

    Littlefoot: I guess it is. We can't do it.

    Ducky: Nope. We cannot do that alright.

  • Cera: Look at what they're doing. They're so greedy. What about me? I'm still hungry!

    Petrie: YOU hungry? I'm empty all the way to the top! Now we're at the Great Valley and STILL GOT NO GREEN FOODS! We be hungry FOREVER! Oh...

    Littlefoot: Aw Petrie, Cera's wrong. This isn't the Great Valley.

    Ducky: It is not a Great ANYTHING. Nope, nope, nope.

  • Petrie: [as Littlefoot, Ducky and Spike save him from the tar pit] Flathead! Ducky! Spike! Oh, Petrie is so happy!

  • Ducky: Cera's way is easier.

    Petrie: I think so, too.

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