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  • Capt. Strong: Lieutenant, you handle the debriefing. But pull your punches this time, okay?

    Paddy: I'll do my best, sir.

    [turning to the men]

    Paddy: Well, gentlemen, you're all dead. Congratulations. And believe me, by the time I'm done with you, you'll wish you bloody well were.

  • Young Richard: Where are we?

    [after their lifeboat ran aground on the island and Paddy hopped out of the boat and marched up the beach]

    Paddy: Nirvana! That's where we are.

  • Young Richard: [looking at a picture of a family] Paddy, what's subjugation?

    Paddy: Something I've been trying to avoid all my life.

  • Paddy: [chasing Richard and Em] Come back here and put your clothes on!

    Young Richard: I don't wanna wear my old britches!

    Paddy: It ain't proper to be runnin' 'round naked...

    [stops, out of breath]

    Paddy: ... all the time!

  • [from trailer]

    Paddy: You were relocated to re-populate.

    Kate: Ah!

    Humphrey: Oh, sounds good to me.

    [Kate puts her paw under Humphrey's chin]

    Kate: No.

  • Paddy: Well, i guess the birdie ruined your Birdie.

    Marcel: You mark it "birdie" because it would have gone in.

    Paddy: Technically, sir, it MIGHT have gone in.

  • Paddy: [Kate is about to marry Garth even though the two birds know she and Humphrey are in love] Now, I'm a stickler for tradition, but this one I just don't understand.

    Marcel: These wolves are mysterious creatures.

  • Paddy: [Knock on the door] What? Go away, I got a bat.

    Elizabeth: It's Elizabeth, your neighbour. I brought you soup.

    Paddy: That's why I have the bat.

  • Dean: Please, sir. How can I make it up to you?

    Paddy: Get us some ice waters. Maybe later we'll find you other stuff to do.

    Sam: Yeah, maybe later Knuckles here will let you wash his balls!

    Sam: [beat] Oooh. Sorry. That sounded weird, didn't it?

    Dean: Four Ice Waters?

    Paddy: [Paddy glares] GO!

    Dean: Right away, sir.

  • [Dean has been led to believe the Flatbush Four are mafioso]

    Dean: I'm very sorry, sir.

    Paddy: Shut up, Dickhead! You think we give a shit about your sorries! Don't you know you're messing with Billy Bones, Archie Aces, Sammy the... the...

    Sam: the Accountant!

    Paddy: Yeah.

    Sam: Sammy the Stove! They call me that because I *cook the books*!

  • [Paddy just knocked Dean to the ground]

    Paddy: NO ONE calls us names except US!

  • Paddy: If you think I'm leaving this apartment, you're dumber than that hat.

  • Billy: Welcome to Las Vegas!

    Paddy: Relax, Gershon, it's not like you invented it.

  • Paddy: Prick!

    Sam: Asshole.

  • Sam: Paddy, you have got to come with us to Las Vegas!

    Paddy: If you think I'm leavin' the apaartment, you're dumber than that hat.

  • Paddy: [to the girl across the hall] Find a man and stop bringin' me soup!

  • Casper: At least I have a job, bitch.

    Paddy: Motherfucker, the Nazis had jobs.

  • Paddy: Shot, choked, there's no difference...

    Dexter Miles: Oh, there is, if you love someone.

  • Paddy: [after disposing of a cart with a shipment of weapons] Some fine pair of gun runners we are!

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