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Nurse Brenda Quotes:

  • Nurse Brenda: [Nurse Brenda walks into Sarge's office and closes the door] Hey Sarge...

    Sarge: [Sarge gets up from the couch] Hello there. I have to say that last night was spectacular... Incredible! I'm getting hot just thinking about it.

    Nurse Brenda: I feel the same way. You were just amazing!

    Sarge: You do? I mean, I was? Well, of course you feel that way.

    Nurse Brenda: I mean six times in one night is quite an achievement.

    Sarge: That's nothing babe.

    Nurse Brenda: Why don't we go for seven!

    [Nurse Brenda jumps on Sarge, wrapping her legs around his waist. She starts kissing his neck and lips]

    Sarge: What? Now? Here?

    Nurse Brenda: Sure, for starters.

    [Sarge looses his balance. He falls on the couch, on top of Nurse Brenda]

    Sarge: Oops.

    Nurse Brenda: Oh Sarge! You're just raring to go!

    Sarge: Now, just hold on.

    [She unbuttons her blouse]

    Nurse Brenda: Do me! Do me! Ride me, you wild stallion! Oh! I want you to fuck me all over this camp.

    Sarge: No! Not here. We can't do it now!

    [She unzips his shorts and put her hand down his fly]

    Sarge: Whoa!

    Nurse Brenda: Come on, Sarge. Give it to me.

    Sarge: What? Wait, just wait! Someone could come in. Someone could see us.

    Nurse Brenda: That's what makes it so hot! I want it now! Oh god, you're getting me all goose pimply. Have a feel.

    [She opens her bra]

    Sarge: Oh, oh my!

    Nurse Brenda: My tits changed your mind, huh?

    Sarge: Oh Brenda!

    [Sits on couch. Brenda sits on his lap, her legs wrapped around his waist]

    Nurse Brenda: Oh Sarge, let's christen the whole camp.

    [She puts her hand down his shorts]

    Sarge: I'm not in the mood.

    Nurse Brenda: That's not the feeling I'm getting.

    Sarge: Look, you have to go. She could walk in on us.

    [Brenda gets off Sarge and closes her bra]

    Sarge: Look Brenda, last night was great but we can't do it all over camp. Someone might see us.

    [Brenda buttons her blouse and walks to the door]

    Sarge: I'm meeting her tonight. ButI promise, I'll be all set for tomorrow.

    Nurse Brenda: No one keeps Brenda waiting! I guess I'll have to take all this sexual energy out on a poor, virginal camper. Too bad. I'm horny enough for the bee costume.

    [She exits]

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